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Green Magnesium 02.19.2009 10:57 PM

St. Vincent
According to 4AD...

What do you think of her (Annie Clark)?

When her first album came out in '07 I went in VERY cautiously as people were (incorrectly, imo) comparing her to Regina Spektor and Feist.

The reason the music works for me is because she can do off-kilter without sounding like she's trying too hard. She has a pretty and simple voice (unlike Feist and Amanda Palmer and countless other obnoxious show-boating female artists that she is unfortunately grouped in with).

Her first album Marry Me (named after an Arrested Development catchphrase) has a nice mix of songs, with Bowie piano-man Mike Garson playing throughout.

She has toured and/or played with Glenn Branca, Sufjan Stevens and The Polyphonic Spree (none of whom I particularly care for, but I know some people around here do).

I must say, some of the reviews I have read of her first album make her sound like a totally off-the-wall artist, which she's really not. I do enjoy her stuff though.

pbradley 02.19.2009 11:19 PM

I saw her once with a girl who was really into her. It was a fun time and she put on a great show but that kind of music you need to have a personal connection with (really all music is like that, I suppose) and I just didn't have it.

acousticrock87 02.20.2009 05:41 PM

I actually had a conversation with her about Sonic Youth once. She's extremely good live, but the recordings are forgettable.

The riff from that one song about lipstick is really fucking good, though.

Torn Curtain 02.21.2009 07:47 PM


Originally Posted by acousticrock87
She's extremely good live, but the recordings are forgettable.

Seconded, the production on Marry me is flawed as it's not up to the talent she shows live.

Torn Curtain 02.22.2009 06:35 PM

Cool vids :

Your Lips Are Red - DUMBO Session

Paris Is Burning - DUMBO Session

These Days (Nico) - DUMBO Session

acousticrock87 02.22.2009 06:57 PM

Your Lips Are Red. That's the song I really like. That's an interesting recording of it.

Green Magnesium 02.23.2009 12:50 AM

Live, even with a band, her stuff really does sound VERY different from the recordings.

Green Magnesium 05.06.2009 04:42 PM

New album, out yesterday, blows her first one out of the water. Much more cohesive, dense and dark than the first.
Although there's already complaining that it's weak because of a "lack of pop hooks" (in comparison to the first album). There are actually hooks galore if you have the patience.

Torn Curtain 05.06.2009 06:02 PM

greedrex 05.06.2009 06:06 PM

sounds nice!

SuperCreep 05.06.2009 06:32 PM

her cover of These Days is good. One of my friends is pretty fond of Actor, so I might listen to that one soon.

Green Magnesium 05.08.2009 04:17 PM



I'm so into Actor right now.

Black Rainbow is my favorite song on the album. First half is like something off of Joni Mitchell's Court and Spark, until it does a 180 halfway through. Listen with headphones for the ideal experience.

Marrow is lots of fun.

afterthefact 05.08.2009 04:19 PM

My mom lived on St. Vincent for 3 years.

I've never heard this group/artist though.

I was hoping this would be music from the island... :(

Rob Instigator 05.08.2009 04:39 PM

she played the Westheimer Block Party this spring. people liked it. I thought "why can't I get a latte?" cuz that's how caca coffee shop doo doo that shit sounded to me.

Green Magnesium 05.08.2009 04:43 PM

Tough guys like you turn me on. I would like to put your penis in my mouth.

Also, her first release really does lean toward coffee shop ambience. New one not so much. Even the quiet songs are gloomy. Example: The Bed sounds like a frail love song on the surface, but is about revenge killings as far as I can tell.

Torn Curtain 05.21.2009 04:06 PM


Green Magnesium 05.21.2009 06:54 PM

Saw that first Billboard link before but the second interview is new to me. She had a bit more to say in this second one.

narlus 05.21.2009 09:57 PM

photos from the opening show (click for more):


Green Magnesium 05.22.2009 08:37 PM

NICE! were you at the show narlus?

narlus 05.22.2009 10:02 PM

yes i was (i shot those photos). i left before they started the encore.

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