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pad_023 06.07.2014 06:50 AM

Sun Araw live session on NTS

hirsute_biped 07.10.2014 12:01 PM

VHF records soundcloud page with every track from all their releases (or such is their stated intention):
Check out Jack Rose, Pelt, Sunroof!, Vibracathedral Orchestra, Makoto Kawabata, Astral Social Club, Roy Montgomery, Cian Nugent, Fern Knight, etc...

A few radio sessions by Earth from their recent tour to New Zealand, 1st is an interview with album tracks, 2nd is a live session:

Bytor Peltor 07.12.2014 08:41 AM

20th Annual Olympia Experimental Music Festival audio recap hosted by Ricardo Wang.

pad_023 07.20.2014 04:28 PM

My last show on NTS

stu666 08.22.2014 02:23 PM

Raw Power festival preview on my friends show...

Mattgazer 08.23.2014 09:02 AM


Originally Posted by stu666
Raw Power festival preview on my friends show...

Thanks dude for promoting my show here's part one ;)

Mattgazer 08.27.2014 12:14 PM

For Any MBV/Sonic Youth shoegaze types bands and fans out there

this week's show is Up
with music from DonaldCrunk, Sway, Younghusband, Sounds of Sputnik, Stellarscope, The KVB, Thought Forms, The Sundays, Swervedriver and many more from 18.30-20.30 UK Time on ipswich community radio

Bytor Peltor 01.12.2015 04:57 AM

Listening to Jeff Conklin on WFMU, The Avant Ghetto radio show has become an early Monday morning must listen:

blue 01.25.2015 07:38 PM



hirsute_biped 02.04.2015 12:13 PM

Drcarlsonalbion (Dylan from Earth) is doing something on this radio station today which I would love to hear, but I have a much needed job interview, and I'm not sure they are even streaming here in the US. I would try to record it otherwise. Any help would be appreciated.


Oops, maybe that already happened

Bytor Peltor 03.14.2015 09:04 PM

The Local Scene radio show on my hometown radio station is doing a showcase of bands playing my hometown en-route to SXSW.

Coming on right now (9pm cst)

Bytor Peltor 03.17.2015 12:55 PM

My buddy, Jeffery Thames aka The King Of Grief is doing a 25 year tribute to Depeche Mode's, 'Violator' today at 2:00 PM CST......remixes, B-side and live tracks are not to be missed: Soundawake





Bytor Peltor 08.27.2015 08:41 AM

Once again, Jeffrey Thames -aka- The King Of Grief paid tribute to another great Cure album, 'Head On The Door,' which was released 30 years ago yesterday.

(grab the download link while it's available)




hirsute_biped 11.02.2015 02:51 PM

BBC Radio 4 Nov. 3 & 10: Maddy Prior (of Steeleye Span) & Dylan Carlson (Earth) debut recent collaboration. I was under the impression that BBC streaming was unavailable in the US, but it seems I was mistaken based hearing the currently airing program today. I hope this is archived, as I will be at work tomorrow. Will try to do a capture after work if so.

pad_023 02.04.2016 02:50 PM

Some great stuff here

Autechre on NTS

Henry Rollins on NTS

Heavy vaporwave courtesy of Dream Catalogue

ilduclo 02.15.2016 12:56 PM

not really apropos of subject but

Bytor Peltor 05.04.2016 06:27 PM

SYG's very own pad_023 radio show, Perfect Sound Forever is happening LIVE RIGHT NOW......90 minutes left if you want to tune in!

Bytor Peltor 05.23.2016 04:34 PM

Does anyone here ever tune in to The Avant Ghetto every Monday morning 2-5am CST? This morning during the final hour, Jeff had a Ryley Walker interview / 5 song set that had been recorded in the studio a few days prior. It's some amazing guitar work that I know many of you would enjoy!

Also, I highly recommend the WFMU app for your can download WFMU shows within the app and listen to them "off line" at any time.


Genteel Death 07.25.2017 04:13 AM

Tuesday, August 22nd, 3pm - 6pm: Guest DJ Tom Lax from Siltbreeze Records
The annual visit from our pal Tom Lax, bringing up yet another assortment of obscuro and extremely special 7" singles wax from Siltbreeze headquarters in Philadelphia. If you've checked out this special in past years you know that you will certainly be hearing a lot of DIY/post-punk and general oddball stuff you will probably not hear anywhere else (and see as well, as we will be posting the sleeve art on the playlist page live). Not to be missed!

Bytor Peltor 09.04.2018 12:43 AM

Is anyone here at 40 minutes after midnight CST?

If so, tune in to The Edge Of The Ape Oven......on now for the next hour and twenty minutes.

What you’ve missed so far:

Spencer Dobbs - ... - Artifact Moon
Heron Oblivion - ... - Rama
six organs of admittance - ... - bless your soul
Steven Halpern - .... - The Heard Eye
Steven Halpern - ... - Rainbow Raga

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