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hipster_bebop_junkie 05.03.2020 10:49 PM

Color in Low, for a good cause:

The Soup Nazi 05.03.2020 11:05 PM


Originally Posted by hipster_bebop_junkie

Color Me Impressed! :) Prince and the 'Mats on volume 1. :cool:

hipster_bebop_junkie 06.21.2020 11:05 PM

An EP of LOW covers, by City and Colour:

_tunic_ 06.22.2020 02:28 PM

Gaelynn Lea's latest session features Alan Sparhawk, sitting on the porch

hipster_bebop_junkie 06.23.2020 12:23 AM

Friday I'm in LOW sessions are archived here:

_tunic_ 07.18.2020 08:00 AM

New YT series featuring Alan premieres later today!

Alan helps cool bands load and unload their gear.
(It was filmed pre-corona)

Also on YT, new track by Thor & Friends featuring Al and Mim:

hipster_bebop_junkie 10.17.2020 12:35 AM

"YOU'RE NOT HOME", An ambient field-recording series by Nat Harvie, featuring Alan Sparhawk on Episode 3: In The Waves.

Audio available at Bandcamp:

The Soup Nazi 10.17.2020 12:43 AM


Originally Posted by hipster_bebop_junkie
"YOU'RE NOT HOME", An ambient field-recording series by Nat Harvie, featuring Alan Sparhawk on Episode 3: In The Waves.

Audio available at Bandcamp:

Thank you! Duluth, eh? Odd... ;):D

Bytor Peltor 12.02.2020 03:10 AM

When double negative turns into a positive......sadly, someone in the Sparhawk household has the covid.

hipster_bebop_junkie 12.18.2020 12:05 AM

A french tribute and re-interpretation of LOW's "Drums and Guns":

Also, "Days Like These", a demo by LOW, appears in this compilation to assist students during this COVID pandemic:

The Soup Nazi 12.18.2020 12:24 AM


Originally Posted by hipster_bebop_junkie
Also, "Days Like These", a demo by LOW, appears in this compilation to assist students during this COVID pandemic:

Thank you! :)

_tunic_ 12.25.2020 06:49 PM

For anyone that wants to hear some Christmas carols, both traditional and erm untraditional, there's a very enjoyable stream by Gaelynn Lea featuring her parents as the backing band and some special guests including Alan Sparhawk. Check it out here

_tunic_ 02.04.2021 03:20 PM

Mimi and Alan have collaborated on the new album by Chantal Acda which will be released in late March. Bill Frisell also contributes.


****Very proud to announce my new single DISAPPEAR*** Alan Sparhawk and Mimi Parker from the band LOW are joining me, together with other wonderful spirits. LOW has been a guidance for 20+ years now. They showed me both musically and personally a beautiful meaning of grace, intensity, vulnerability and respect. It means the world to have them by my side on this one! I wrote this song with two opposite feelings. One of disbelief and protest. But, even more present, one of hope and celebration. Hope that one day we will find grace in not wanting more, in being fragile, in not wanting to be sure or right, in letting go the search for success and happiness. One day we will just be open.

_tunic_ 04.21.2021 02:59 PM


Join us tomorrow for a live YouTube premiere of a new visual album celebrating the 20th anniversary of Things We Lost In The Fire! There will be new videos for all the tracks from the album followed by a live Q&A over on the Low Instagram channel. We'll also be taking orders for a new screenprint by Zak to mark the occasion, this will be available on our web store and signed by us all.

It begins at 3pm CDT. That's 9pm in London and a whole lot of other times elsewhere. We hope you can make it!


And there's also a podcast (which I haven't listened to yet)

Life of the Record is a podcast about the making of iconic albums. There is an episode about Things We Lost in the Fire (64 minutes; ).
It's a song-by-song interview

Totally forgot about that Chantal Acda album! Will check it out tomorrow

The Soup Nazi 05.25.2021 04:25 PM

Here's what Alan told Uncut... last year, I guess, because it was published in the February 2021 issue, which must have been out late December 2020 or something:


For the last few records we've learned to put the vocals on early and put them in a place where you can't deny them. You're like, "OK, so how is the music going to step up and be where it needs to be?" Using the vocals as the anchor for that has been a little weird and risky, but I think it's working. It's a challenge. We're still trying to find sounds that we've never heard before, trying to find ways to depict rhythm without necessarily going to drums first. I've been playing more guitar lately, though it's more in an effort to make sounds that don't sound like guitar, finding other ways to use it. On a lyrical level, there's definitely a feeling of reaching. We're trying to actually touch the sky, not just expose it. Sometimes you reach for it and it disappears, and that's the sound that you capture. We're reaching for transcendence and trying to be cautious about escaping. We just wrote one song that we might record the working title right now is "It's Not Broken, I'm Not Angry". A couple of the lines are memories of stirring underneath the car with my dad as a kid, trying to fix the transmission in the dark when it's 10 below zero. There's another called "Disappearing", which is kind of a tribute to living by the water. Where we live in Duluth, Lake Superior is big enough that there's a disappearing horizon, as if it was an ocean. It's weird. I like the idea of the unknown.

According to the magazine, the release date is "August" of this year. We'll see! :)

_tunic_ 05.28.2021 12:19 AM


US Store:
UK Store:

PREORDER: Things We Lost In The Fire 20th Anniversary Silkscreen Poster by Zak Sally


This item is a preorder. It will ship on or around June 25, 2021. This date is subject to change, due to reasons/delays beyond our control, and you may receive this product after its official release date.

If you order other non preorder items they will not ship until then. If you need other items sooner, please place two separate orders.

Specific Description: Poster designed to commemorate the 20th anniversary of Lows dearly-loved album, Things We Lost In The Fire. Signed by Alan, Mimi, and Zak. NOT FINAL IMAGE

Paper Brand/Type/Weight: Archival French paperSize: 25 x 32"Edition Number: Limited edition of one printing signed by Alan, Mimi, and ZakDesigner/Artist: Zak Sally @Zak_Sally

Production Method: Silkscreen
Inks: Five color, archival inks, one will be glow in the dark ink

Fulfilled by Ambient Inks and shipped using compostable and/or recyclable packaging. To learn more about our sustainability standards and practices, please visit this link.

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