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Tokolosh 01.08.2007 05:39 AM


Originally Posted by jon boy
i watched inner space yesterday afternoon. amazing film.

Nice film, but a spoof of the original sci-fi classic Fantastic Voyage.

jon boy 01.08.2007 06:15 AM

was that doug mclure?

porkmarras 01.08.2007 06:21 AM


Originally Posted by jon boy
it was a good film. i likes the bits with the chinese wife of their 'manager'.


sonicl 01.08.2007 06:22 AM

School of Rock - What a waste of two hours of my life.

whorefrost 01.08.2007 06:24 AM


Originally Posted by terminal pharmacy


jon boy 01.08.2007 06:38 AM


Originally Posted by sonicl
School of Rock - What a waste of two hours of my life.

what! that film was great, apart from a few moments of pure cheese which obviously are for the kids.

sonicl 01.08.2007 06:41 AM

A FEW moments of cheese??????

"Rock 'n' Roll High School" already existed. What need was there for any further movies with a school / rock title or theme? Eh?

jon boy 01.08.2007 06:46 AM


sonic sphere 01.08.2007 07:00 AM

split decisions-a really bad boxing film from the '80s with gene hackman in it.

Iain 01.08.2007 07:04 AM


Originally Posted by breligion
"Ass to ass" is a Requiem for a Dream quote. I had thought that it would make a good ringer. *Ass to ass.....ass to ass* "Excuse me, I have a call"-me

I watched a movie tonight. "Sexual ambulance, did you say?"

Naked Lunch? I watched it about a week ago.

Watched Kill Bill vol1 last night because it was on the television. It was/is OK. Some of the homages are a bit overbearing and it's silly but quite entertaining nonetheless.

jon boy 01.08.2007 07:11 AM

i miss my tuesday night films in berlin. the bookshop just round the corner used to show two films for 3 euros and that price included a drink. it was always interesting films or documentaries too and not the run of the mill blockbusters. i have seen many an amazing film there.

jon boy 01.08.2007 07:20 AM


Originally Posted by Nefeli
have no idea if its going to work out, but have 2 projects in store.
1 is to have an ongoing list with movies that should have watched and havent and choose from there to watch with friends. best case scenario will be 5 random craps, 1 cool movie.
2nd is to do "screenings" at my place with some live performances. before each i will show one brakhage film each time. (basically one more person will join this!- he is a lydia lunch, diamanda galas fan so he ll bring his stuff).

wow sounds pretty cool. hope that your place is big enough if a lot of people turn up.

ALIEN ANAL 01.08.2007 07:50 AM

ice age 2 with my 4 yr old newphew

jon boy 01.08.2007 08:02 AM


Originally Posted by Nefeli
haha...thanks, but noone will wanna join. just that other person. i will just inform what we are showing each time and if anyone else wants to come, that will be more than fine. (others already are boycott?aging? this plan!)

your berlin ritual was wonderful indeed.

yes it was great and i got to know the guys in the shop quite well so i could influence (sometimes) what they were going to show.

hope that people show up for yours.

krastian 01.09.2007 01:06 AM


Norma J 01.09.2007 02:17 AM

Snakes on a (Motherfuckin') Plane.

Tokolosh 01.09.2007 04:28 AM


Originally Posted by Nefeli
the devil wears prada.
many weak and predictable moments-didnt have high expectations-but its always nice to see the clothes and the fashion rush-

I wanted to see it, but now...

jon boy 01.09.2007 04:34 AM

is it the school of rock for the fashion world?

sonicl 01.09.2007 04:37 AM

I quite liked The Devil Wears Prada. As Nefeli said, it did have its fair share of weak and predictable moments, and it's not going to be remembered as a classic in twenty years' time, but as entertainment it was quite enjoyable. And, as has been discussed elsewhere on the board, Anne Hathaway is very easy on the eye.

sonicl 01.09.2007 04:45 AM

Oh, crikey,yes. I'd forgotten about Meryl Streep. She plays her part brilliantly.

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