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marleypumpkin 01.05.2007 05:02 AM

Pull My Daisy (1959) - feat. Jack Kerouac & Allen Ginsberg

fishmonkey 01.05.2007 05:09 AM

A History of Violence.

James Blonde 01.05.2007 09:53 AM

James Blonde saw comedy called Miffo.

terminal pharmacy 01.05.2007 10:09 AM


atsonicpark 01.07.2007 04:05 AM

holy mountain.

breligion 01.07.2007 04:21 AM

"Ass to ass" is a Requiem for a Dream quote. I had thought that it would make a good ringer. *Ass to ass.....ass to ass* "Excuse me, I have a call"-me

I watched a movie tonight. "Sexual ambulance, did you say?"

max 01.07.2007 10:14 AM


Originally Posted by Kegmama


"Ass to Ass"

you're frightening me, Mama.
That movie.

I remember watching it for the first and only time. I cried throughout the thing. All I had in my mind during the whole thing: JUNKIE'S PROMISE. and what happens next? The movie is over, I check out the director's commentabilia... and Darren A. is wearing a WASHING MACHINE shirt.


racehorse 01.07.2007 10:23 AM

wings of desire by wim wenders.
it's quite good, but not as good as paris, texas.

Gimpy 01.07.2007 08:01 PM

Slums of Beverly Hills,it was really indie and really weird.I watched it on IFC so that was to be expected.

touch me i'm sick 01.07.2007 08:04 PM

the descent..

i'm about to watch the pianist

Inhuman 01.08.2007 01:06 AM

"I'm on the line"

Johnny Cash was an amazing man indeed

Katy 01.08.2007 02:59 AM

I haven't watched any films this week.

My brother's girlfriend lent me DVDs of The Mighty Boosh. I've stayed up late watching those. I liked the "tundra" episode a lot.

Tokolosh 01.08.2007 03:25 AM


Nothing special, but it's worth watching.

jon boy 01.08.2007 04:50 AM

i watched inner space yesterday afternoon. amazing film.

porkmarras 01.08.2007 04:58 AM

Priscilla Queen Of Ther Desert.You don't have to be a fag to enjoy this but it helps.
Terence Stamp is particularly good on it.

Norma J 01.08.2007 05:01 AM

It is a good film. I own it on DVD. I remember watching it on tele growing up. Everyone in that film does a good job. I remember the ping-pong ball scene being the talk of the playground.

porkmarras 01.08.2007 05:10 AM

It's visually stunning not to say that it's funny,sad and touching all at the same time too.Yes,everyone on it acts superbly i must say.Did you ever watch 'Muriel's Wedding'?

jon boy 01.08.2007 05:12 AM

it was a good film. i likes the bits with the chinese wife of their 'manager'.

Norma J 01.08.2007 05:15 AM

Yeah I've seen Muriels Wedding a fair few times on tele growing up aswell. I have that on DVD now too.

Tokolosh 01.08.2007 05:24 AM


Originally Posted by porkmarras

I really enjoyed Priscilla.
That dress gave a new meaning to flip flops. :D


Hedwig and the Angry Inch (2001)

If you enjoyed Queen of the Desert, you'll probably like this one too.
I watched it recently and loved it.

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