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sonicyouth 03.12.2016 07:29 AM

Lee solo Acoustic Vienna 020316 full video and interview

greenlight 03.13.2016 03:38 AM


Originally Posted by sonicyouth

this is so cool! i have seen the guy filming it, did not thought it will be shared. can§t wait to watch it. + Thrown Over The Wall in proper quality. yay!


hirsute_biped 03.14.2016 04:06 PM

Very cool. I've been getting into flamenco (and spanish classical) over the past year or two as well, though mostly the older stuff. I've still got a recording of Lee solo acoustic at the Echo from December I need to edit and upload to the Sonic Sharing folder...

pissonu 03.23.2016 03:15 AM

god damn the nigga lee killin it!! fuck sy gettin back together if it means gettin one or two lee songs every couple years. this nigga makin the dopest shit outta all of em. straight showin em up. they shoulda let him write more songs before. he the gorge harrison of sy. he needa make a record with Kim an Steve backin him up. that shit would be fire my nigga

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