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Toilet & Bowels 03.26.2020 09:23 AM

RIP Peter Stapleton
Peter Stapleton died last weekend, apparently from illness although i don't know which. He was 60 years old.
There are few if any musicians who have been in as many great bands as he.
The Pin Group
The Victor Dimisich Band
Scorched Earth Policy
The Terminals
Flies Inside the Sun
A Handful of Dust
and more...

A great loss to music

GravitySlips 03.28.2020 04:07 AM


Scorched Earth Policy, Dadamah, and Terminals are 3 favourites of mine -- Dadamah in particular are a truly unique group. I like the Pin Group too although it's clearly nascent work for guys like Stapleton, Roy Montgomery, etc.

A sad loss for sure. I'd like to check out some of those other bands Peter was in (Flies Inside the Sun, Handful of Dust, Eye, etc) - any recommendations?

Genteel Death 03.28.2020 06:18 AM

Yes, sad loss. Dadamah are a personal favourite of mine.

Genteel Death 04.01.2020 05:02 AM

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