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Cantankerous 09.14.2008 05:27 AM


it's on hyperstation

lechaoscestmoi 09.14.2008 05:28 AM


MellySingsDoom 09.14.2008 05:33 AM

^^^Excellent choice!

Terminal Cheesecake - V.C.L.


Pookie 09.14.2008 05:36 AM

Melly, you listen to a lot of music that takes me back.

MellySingsDoom 09.14.2008 05:49 AM

Yeah, I still love a lot of the older stuff I listened to back in the day. I'm fond of T Cheesecake in particular, as I saw them play a lot in London during the early to mid 90's.

jimbrim 09.14.2008 05:51 AM


stu666 09.14.2008 06:41 AM

Sonic Youth
Werchter Festival


sonic sphere 09.14.2008 10:01 AM

acid mothers temple & the cosmic inferno-hotter than inferno

EMMAh 09.14.2008 12:09 PM

Heroin or Suicide - Leftover Crack

noisereductions 09.14.2008 12:22 PM


sonic sphere 09.14.2008 01:32 PM

the fall-i am kurious oranj

Torn Curtain 09.14.2008 03:33 PM

Beth Orton - GLR session 1996 & 1 FM session 1999, FM (from dime)

Trasher02 09.14.2008 05:06 PM


Back in a Slowdive phase

stu666 09.14.2008 05:08 PM


EMMAh 09.14.2008 05:24 PM

I dunno my mom is watching something on TV and it sounds pretty damn lame.

gmku 09.14.2008 07:19 PM

For the past several days:


Everyneurotic 09.14.2008 10:23 PM




fucking breathtaking but i don't think i'm giving it a fair listen if it's not blasting and right now i'm not blasting it.

lechaoscestmoi 09.15.2008 02:17 AM


PAULYBEE2656 09.15.2008 06:56 AM


because its monday and ive just finished work...

_slavo_ 09.15.2008 06:57 AM


Originally Posted by Trasher02

Back in a Slowdive phase

holy shit, that dude in the brown jacket looks like me!

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