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schizophrenicroom 07.11.2007 02:52 PM

sonic youth, akron family, two gallants, akron family

hotbutterknives 07.11.2007 02:52 PM,... ..cant...wait!

jon boy 07.11.2007 02:53 PM

tommorow whitehouse are playing and monday its astral social club and sunroof. not sure if i have the money for it all though.

SynthethicalY 07.11.2007 02:53 PM

Sonic Youth at the Greek Teather.

xxxjennyx 07.11.2007 04:40 PM

Jul 20 - Sonic Youth at the Greek Theater
Jul 21 - Daft Punk at LA Sports Arena
Jul 25 - Tokyo Police Club at the Troubadour
Aug 19 - Beastie Boys at the Greek Theater
Aug 20 - Beastie Boys at the Greek Theater
Aug 23 - Beastie Boys at Santa Barbara Bowl
Aug 24 - Beastie Boys at Warfield in SF
Aug 25 - Beastie Boys at Greek Theater Berkeley
Aug 28 - Gogol Bordello at the Fonda

Whatta Summer! This is after having gone to 3 festivals so far this year. Coachella (so-cal), Sasquatch (seattle) and Hurricane (germany).:cool: I'm basically broke after all this though. :(

sonicl 07.11.2007 04:46 PM

You like the Beasties then?

I'm not sure I'd want to see them these days. I saw them on the Ill Communication tour and they were great, but I think their music isn't so strong now and I'm not sure they'd put on such a good show. I hope for your sake that I'm wrong though.

xxxjennyx 07.11.2007 04:51 PM

omgz beatzieboies4eva <3 :o

I have a borderline unhealthy fixation with the Beastie Boys. I just love 'em and I don't know exactly why. They've definately grown and changed over the years and they continue to. But yeah, I've seen them live more than I'd care to admit and I will continue to catch every show of theirs I can. I'm pretty excited they're visiting California. They're back to playin some of their hardcore songs live which has me all sorts of happy...

So yeah, anyhoo.... I'll just stop right thurr.

sonicl 07.11.2007 04:54 PM

Is LA home for the Beasties these days, or NY?

xxxjennyx 07.11.2007 04:57 PM

Oh NY, but they've been touring like mo-fo's these days. Thank god for me! I dunno if you know but they just released an instrumental funk/jam album. Ya may wanna check it. Hearing the new songs live mixed with the hardcore stuff is so amazing.

sonicl 07.11.2007 04:59 PM

Yeah, I keep meaning to check that out. I'll get around to it some time...

jon boy 07.11.2007 05:16 PM

un healthy obsessions are what makes the world go round. at least thats what i keep telling myself.

drrrtyboots 07.11.2007 11:34 PM

Les Savy Fav and Land of Talk saturday. Marnie Stern melted my fucking face off this past sunday, i swear to god.

sonicl 07.12.2007 02:52 AM

Also just bought to see Glenn Branca at The Roundhouse later in the year, so my forthcoming shows are now:

Religious Knives
Scissor Sisters
Sonic Youth in Paris
Sonic Youth in London
Glenn Branca

Cantankerous 07.12.2007 03:06 AM

7/13-7/15 - pitchfork fest
7/28 - sonic youth with the slits @ mccarren park pool
8/9 - beastie boys (also at mccarren park pool)

_slavo_ 07.12.2007 03:06 AM

Next weekend, at a local festival:

- Konono no.1
- Air
- Wu Tang Clan
- DJ Shadow


and then 3 Sonic Youth gigs (London, Prague, Vienna).

sonicl 07.12.2007 03:15 AM


Originally Posted by _slavo_
Konono no.1

They're cool. And surprisingly loud.

MellySingsDoom 07.12.2007 03:41 AM

Going to see Om next week, plus still need to book up for Branca later this year.

finding nobody 07.12.2007 03:48 AM

Del THe Funkee Homosapian in Oct. HELL YES

Phlegmscope 07.17.2007 07:56 AM

20.7 The Micragirls
5.8 Kemialliset Ystävät, Boredoms
1.9 Astro Can Caravan

ThePits 07.17.2007 08:05 AM

Arctic Monkeys Manchester
Reading Festival
Rolling Stones
Scissor Sisters
Joss Stone
Unfortunately all work

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