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HaydenAsche 10.06.2006 02:12 PM


Dear, God. Kids these days.

touch me i'm sick 10.06.2006 02:13 PM

i feel i've jsut ruined myself :(

HaydenAsche 10.06.2006 02:14 PM

You have.

porkmarras 10.06.2006 02:15 PM

Back of the queue.And don't smile!

touch me i'm sick 10.06.2006 02:15 PM

please! how can i redeem myself?!?

HaydenAsche 10.06.2006 02:16 PM

Nekked picz.

touch me i'm sick 10.06.2006 02:17 PM

oh dear...

touch me i'm sick 10.06.2006 02:17 PM

that is so illegal man

HaydenAsche 10.06.2006 02:18 PM

I do it.

k-krack 10.06.2006 02:18 PM

I wanna go to XX in toronto the day before my birthday... but i'm not 19+. I wanna go see Statues a few days after my birthday... but i'm not 19+. I wanna fucking go to any show within 20 km of me... but i'm not fucking 19+.

HaydenAsche 10.06.2006 02:19 PM


I have a friend's id that looks identical to me. PWNZ.

golden child 10.06.2006 02:20 PM

even with an ID, i bet they wouldnt let me in...

HaydenAsche 10.06.2006 02:20 PM

You look 12. I look much older than I actually am.

Everyneurotic 10.06.2006 02:22 PM

i second the broken social scene being a waste of money.

i'm not sure and probably won't go but:

next thursday: the seamus and le coq (bands fron guadalajara, i only know the seamus and they slay)
next friday: anathema
next saturday: sex gang children (although i'm not entirely convinced of going)

then there's deicide until november and that's about it, hope more shows get confirmed soon.

HaydenAsche 10.06.2006 02:24 PM

I'd see BSS for 15 bucks or less.

Savage Clone 10.06.2006 02:24 PM

I saw Deicide a few years ago.
It was hilarious. They had the pointiest guitars I have ever seen.

HaydenAsche 10.06.2006 02:24 PM

When is METZGER, biz?

golden child 10.06.2006 02:25 PM


You look 12. I look much older than I actually am.

my point.

porkmarras 10.06.2006 02:26 PM

I'm such a happy,sexually stimulated man(somehow) because i get to see Philip Jeck and Glen Branca on Sun,i'm going to make a cake and eat it.

HaydenAsche 10.06.2006 02:26 PM


Originally Posted by golden child
my point.

I know. I was reiterating it for the morons that post here.

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