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✌➬ 01.11.2008 04:37 AM

Your Understanding of Teenage Riot
What do you get from the lyrics? I always thought it was kind of bleak, that they are so disillusioned with the current state they are just going to do whatever they do. Or am I wrong?

sonicl 01.11.2008 04:54 AM

You're aware, I assume, that the song's working title was "J Masicis For President"?

✌➬ 01.11.2008 04:56 AM

No I was not aware of that.

sonicl 01.11.2008 05:04 AM

Ah, that'll be because I got my facts very slightly wrong:

"...the song's working title was "Rock And Roll For President"; the song was supposedly written about a fantasy world where J Mascis is president."

"Its (DDN's) opening track, Teen Age Riot, is a manifesto for the slackerdom that would reach its apotheosis with grunge's apathetic shoulder-shrug. Written as a tribute to J Mascis of Dinosaur Jr (who, along with Pixies and Sonic Youth, helped create the atmosphere that made Nirvana's success possible), it starts off with beautiful washes of guitar, before jump-starting with the most immediate riff the band had even written. It imagines a world in which Mascis, who comes "running in on platform shoes, with Marshall stacks, to at least just give us a clue", is the president. Hoping for a revolution - "it takes a teenage riot to get me out of bed right now" sang Moore - it was, in the end, instrumental in creating one."

ZEROpumpkins 01.11.2008 05:04 AM

Yes, it is about a world where J Mascis is the leader of the US. Srsly.

✌➬ 01.11.2008 05:09 AM

Ah thanks for that sonicl.

sonicl 01.11.2008 05:11 AM

Glad to be of service. I think I'll go back to bed now.

ZEROpumpkins 01.11.2008 05:13 AM

Dammit, sonicl beat me to glory. SRS look at post time.

screamingskull 01.11.2008 07:07 AM

Spirit Desire, Spirit Desire, Spirit Desire, We Will Fall

I don't know what it means, but it sure is beautiful :)

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