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themawt71 02.13.2009 11:26 PM

the scream tape
was looking through the ubuweb mp3s and found audio from that tape of thurston screaming that they used in the 80s at their shows.

kinda neat.

ubuweb has alot of cool shit there.

Dead-Air 02.14.2009 02:39 AM

Shit! All of Tellus #1, that's totally cool. Not just the SY, but the Rhys Chatham w/ Branca and Live Skull tracks too. I'm sure some of the less known people are going to be great too!

stu666 02.14.2009 05:43 AM


stu666 02.14.2009 06:46 AM

Found this there too.

Mike Kelley with Sonic Youth: Excerpt from "Plato's Cave, Rothko's Chapel, Lincoln's Profile" (13:12)

pokkeherrie 02.14.2009 11:45 AM


Originally Posted by themawt71

ubuweb has alot of cool shit there.

definitely. i've spent countless of hours on there, but never came across that one.

dasx 02.14.2009 02:20 PM

Lee Ranaldo: The Bridge
Thurston Moore: Skrewer Boy

Danny Himself 02.14.2009 02:58 PM


I have been searching for this ever since I first saw Gila Monster Jamboree. It sounds like the world is ending!!

Dead-Air 02.19.2009 01:37 AM

Having gone through most of the Tellus tapes uploaded there, #10 is actually the complete blow-out collection. Curated by a member of Live Skull it features solo tracks from Lee and Thurston as well as Branca, Lydia Lunch, Blixa Bargeld with Arto Lindsay, Elliott Sharp, and tons of other amazing stuff:

barnaclelapse 02.19.2009 12:10 PM

Sadly, this will probably be the highlight of my day.

Awesome, awesome and awesome. Thanks.

TheMadcapLaughs 02.21.2009 12:55 PM

wow this is fucking awesome. thank you for showing me this site.

joe11121 02.21.2009 01:50 PM

sweet stuff

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