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MusicIsMySavior34 03.30.2006 10:29 PM

The Stone
who here is excited about the may schedule of the stone...this is for all the new yorkers. some thurston shows, some o'rourke shows and ikue


marleypumpkin 03.30.2006 10:32 PM

I wish I could see a Thurston, or a O'Rourke show in NYC, but as you can see I live in the fucking middle of nowhere, & that would be a long road trip.
I am going to Bonnaroo though.

MusicIsMySavior34 03.30.2006 10:57 PM

bonnaroo is gonna be SICK...ill see ya there too, im covering press from NY

marleypumpkin 03.31.2006 10:26 PM

I can't wait for Bonnaroo. As for SY, I can't wait to see Beck, Oysterhead, Les Claypool, Common. Just to name a few.

chabib 03.31.2006 11:31 PM

bonnaroo sounds like something you'd hear on a porn set.

"ok. rim her ass for a little while. then she's gotta get up for some reverse cowgirl. then... **YOU** **HEY. WAKE UP!!** you need some viagra? ok. then yr gonna get in the scene and yr gonna do a double bonnaroo. and you... just keep rubbing yr tits for the whole scene. ok. got it?"

marleypumpkin 03.31.2006 11:39 PM

I'd buy that movie.

!@#$%! 04.01.2006 11:30 AM

wft does this thread have to do w/ bonaroo? fuck off!!!

the stone - went yesterday for the first time & it was fucking amazing. love the place & people who run it. for what i've seen of previous calendars they consistently have amazing musicians though.


marleypumpkin 04.01.2006 04:11 PM


Originally Posted by !@#$%!
wft does this thread have to do w/ bonaroo? fuck off!!!

Why don't you do some actual reading of past threads & see why we were talking about Bonnaroo, if you can, Fucker. I've never had an ignore list, 'til today. Let me go do that right now ass-hole.

!@#$%! 04.01.2006 04:13 PM


chabib 04.01.2006 04:14 PM

you guys are cute. strife is kinda like improvisational music and vice versa.

marleypumpkin 04.01.2006 04:18 PM

Well, he's the ass-hole chabib. I just was having a conversation w/ people about Bonnaroo, & he had to be a fucking jack-ass, which I'm sure is his normal personality.

!@#$%! 04.01.2006 04:36 PM

so, the stone...

im thinking of going again tonight

anyone know these guys? (im sure they'll be good-- just wondering if anybody hear has heard them or which show would you pick)

4/1 Saturday
8 pm
William Parker, Frederico Ughi, Daniel Carter
William Parker (bass, etc.) Federico Ughi (drums) Daniel Carter (piano, alto and tenor saxophones, flute, trumpet, clarinet)

10 pm
Eri Yamamoto, William Parker , Daniel Carter, Anders Nilsson and Federico Ughi
Eri Yamamoto (piano) William Parker (bass) Anders Nilsson (electric guitar) Federico Ughi (drums) Daniel Carter (alto and tenor saxophones, flute, trumpet, clarinet)

i'm leaning towards the show featuring eri yamamoto...

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