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The Soup Nazi 10.11.2013 06:31 PM

AMG's review:


As Sonic Youth's members explored their individual careers during the band's hiatus, it was fascinating to hear their projects develop. Between the Times and the Tides allowed Lee Ranaldo's more pastoral, mystical side to flourish, and it's in even fuller flower on Last Night on Earth. This is also the debut of Ranaldo's group the Dust, and while two of the group's key players, Alan Licht and Steve Shelley, appeared on his previous album, these songs feel like the work of a full-fledged band. Ranaldo and company sound more confident; where he tried a little bit of everything on Between the Times and the Tides, here he and his band concentrate on expansive songs filled with shimmering melodies and epic solos. "Lecce, Leaving" begins the album by defining this approach, with quickly shifting tempos and subtly changing moods that flow over elaborate buildups and breakdowns before drifting to a close; "The Rising Tide"'s psychedelia is so expansive that it flirts with acid rock. It was always assumed that Thurston Moore was Sonic Youth's main classic rock fan, but Ranaldo's solo work also shows an affinity for the sounds of the '60s and '70s. "Key/Hole"'s sweet, breezy melody could be avant-garde soft rock as it moves from tender to tempestuous, while the lyrics' clever parallel rhyming structure is a reminder of what an accomplished songwriter Ranaldo is. Throughout Last Night on Earth, he and the Dust achieve an alchemy where experimental rock, classic rock, and even hints of prog sound made for each other. All of this is especially true of "Ambulancer," one of the album's more urgent tracks. While its searing guitar work has roots in Ranaldo's Sonic Youth days, its acoustic flourishes feel more modern as well as timeless. Last Night on Earth leaves room for a few tangents, such as the pretty chamber pop vignette "Late Descent #2," that end up heightening the album's rainy-day moodiness. If possible, these songs have even more of a feeling of moving on and letting go than Ranaldo's debut did; the 12-minute album closer "Blackt Out" is at once mournful and exhilarated as it ponders being freed from a longtime lover. An album in the old-school sense, with expansive tracks and detours that still add up to a cohesive whole, Last Night on Earth offers more proof that Ranaldo's music is just as satisfying, if not more so, on its own as it was as part of one of alternative rock's supergroups. -Heather Phares

E. Noisefield 10.11.2013 08:45 PM

Yay it's out and it's awesome!!! Do not think I can compare it to other works just yet, but I'm smiling.

diskaholic-anonymous 10.13.2013 06:47 AM

nice reviews . i'll give it a try.

RanaldoNecro 10.13.2013 03:18 PM

The bells during Lecce Leaving are incredible. What a highlight!

Magic Wheel Memory 10.13.2013 09:22 PM

This record is full of sweet sugar, and I love it! I think it's far better than Times and Tides. That record had its moments, but on this one, even my least favorite song is good.

RanaldoNecro 10.14.2013 08:55 PM

Moshe 10.15.2013 07:18 AM

The Soup Nazi 10.15.2013 05:52 PM


Originally Posted by Moshe


These days I’ve been getting more into a singer-songwriter mode of re-exploring in a kind of personal rotation a lot of different solo musicians—people like Leonard Cohen and old favorites like Joni Mitchell to Neil Young and Bob Dylan to modern people like Bill Callahan or Sean Marshal or a bunch of less well-known singer-songwriters who are working today whose records I really like.

Obviously that's actually Chan Marshall. That's gotta hurt: you interview LR and get a cool thing going and then the transcriber kills your shit.

hirsute_biped 10.15.2013 08:31 PM

I couldn't get that stream to work, was it limited time or something?

_tunic_ 10.16.2013 12:21 PM

Lee Ranaldo & The Dust – Live from Electric Lady Studios with Wild Honey Pie
Lee Ranaldo & The Dust – Live from Electric Lady Studios with Wild Honey Pie

there's two videos behind that link, well worth the watching

sirki 10.16.2013 01:47 PM


Originally Posted by _tunic_
Lee Ranaldo & The Dust – Live from Electric Lady Studios with Wild Honey Pie

there's two videos behind that link, well worth the watching

Thanks. Just watched them both, very good session. Great energy vibe. Like 'Lecce, Leaving' a lot.

I noticed that Lee is playing on his Fender Signature Jazzmaster. I recently saw a some clips where Thurston was also playing on his. It's just nice to see them playing on those guitars.

dasx 10.17.2013 02:10 AM


Originally Posted by The Soup Nazi
Buy it goddammit!

Yea yea, I will.

Toilet & Bowels 10.17.2013 02:17 AM

Which is better, this or Glacial?

A Thousand Threads 10.17.2013 05:36 AM


Lee is Free 10.17.2013 02:00 PM

Glacial is abstract music, LNOE is songs - kinda hard t compare these two...


Rob Instigator 10.17.2013 02:30 PM

Lee sets suckas straight.

Get them all!

sy2004 10.17.2013 03:36 PM

LNOE is just great and as BTAT, porbably even better live

SuchFriendsAreDangerous 10.17.2013 06:58 PM


Originally Posted by Lee is Free
Glacial is abstract music, LNOE is songs - kinda hard t compare these two...



talk about splitting the baby...

Moshe 10.17.2013 11:45 PM

RanaldoNecro 10.18.2013 09:43 AM


I was thinking about the crucifixion ....

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