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noisereductions 11.28.2008 09:05 AM

What are you playing?
It's come to my attention that at least a handful of us here are video game fans, so I thought I'd start this thread like the "What are you listening to" or "Last movie you watched"...


one of the best in the series.

al shabbray 11.28.2008 09:13 AM


through the storyline, just mindbending, from my favourite game director

jimbrim 11.28.2008 09:16 AM


the best resident evil so far in my opinion.

al shabbray 11.28.2008 09:17 AM

^^it only looks better on cube/wii

noisereductions 11.28.2008 09:19 AM


Originally Posted by jimbrim

the best resident evil so far in my opinion.

This one's on my xmas list, actually.

jimbrim 11.28.2008 09:20 AM

have you seen the trailer for RE5?

atsonicpark 11.28.2008 09:55 AM

I'm currently playing valkyrie profile 2, disgaea ds (which is just a remake of a Disgaea game I already beat but I am playing multiplayer on here, it's great), planet puzzle league, and yoshi's island for the snes. Haven't been playing as much lately, after putting 100 hours into shin megami tensei: nocturne.

al shabbray 11.28.2008 10:06 AM

the shin megami series should be great? true? which syste, which language?

noisereductions 11.28.2008 10:15 AM


Originally Posted by jimbrim
have you seen the trailer for RE5?

No! What systems is coming out for??

atsonicpark 11.28.2008 10:25 AM

it's coming out for 360 and ps3.

atsonicpark 11.28.2008 10:26 AM

the shin megami tensei series is awesome. It's pretty much a playstation-exclusive series. I've only played through 4 games of it. Persona 4 is coming out in like 2 weeks.

noisereductions 11.28.2008 10:34 AM

Did you know they recently re-released one of the PS1 Persona's? It was the first PS1 game in however many years, and sold out within a day ( exclusive, I believe).

Anyway too bad about RE5 not being ported to PS2... I only have PS2 and PSP. And I dnt plan on getting a PS3 until they get the PS1/PS2 compatability working correctly.

_slavo_ 11.28.2008 10:38 AM


al shabbray 11.28.2008 11:20 AM


Originally Posted by _slavo_

one of my alltime favourites, and the reason in the first place that I got a windows partition on my mac

Derek 11.28.2008 11:36 AM

I'm playing through Zelda: The Wind Waker again. Then I'm going to beat Twilight Princess once and for all and beat Ocarina of Time again.

Sheriff Rhys Chatham 11.28.2008 11:43 AM


Originally Posted by jimbrim

the best resident evil so far in my opinion.

Greatest game ever.

deflinus 11.28.2008 12:05 PM


the non-greatest hits version i've had since my birthday in 1997

demonrail666 11.28.2008 12:11 PM


Originally Posted by jimbrim


the best resident evil so far in my opinion.


Originally Posted by Sheriff Rhys Chatham
Greatest game ever.

I agree. That thing, in the lake. The first time I saw it I nearly shit myself. I never thought anything would match Silent Hill 2, but RE4 might just have done it.

al shabbray 11.28.2008 12:14 PM

^^^hahaha, before I saw it, I was standing at the water and was tryng to shoot some fish (like in that cave) after the fith shot or something this huge beast jumps out of the water and eats you. that was the point were I (almost) shit myself

noisereductions 11.28.2008 12:17 PM


Originally Posted by deflinus

the non-greatest hits version

haha yr a geek! Just kidding. Well, I'm not really, but I'm a geek too, so it's cool. I'm getting into collecting lately, but I'm not picky about Greatest Hits versions, since they can often be a lot cheaper to grab.

This is a great game by the way.

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