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nicfit 04.16.2007 11:05 AM

Should I be scared? No.

nicfit 04.21.2007 05:22 AM

Lily Allen, acoustic in-store
Waterloo Records
SXSW, Austin

dat > cd > eac > sf6 > flac

************************************************** ****
first posted on Traders Den on March 2, 2007 by peyoteshaman
************************************************** ****
original flacs, but renamed, tags added.

1. LDN
2. Naive [The Kooks]
3. Littlest Things
4. Heart of Glass [Blondie]
5. Smile


Lily Allen, with
- Alexander Shuckburgh -- guitar
- Shannon Harris -- keyboards
(I think I have these names right)

with some pics found on the web
upped by john234

Torn Curtain 04.21.2007 05:52 AM

Talking Heads 1975 DEMOS!
by robco111

U2 @ Wembley Stadium, London, U.K. June 12, 1987 (Soundboard)
by ademotte
I know the indie snobs here don't like them but the Joshua Tree is great

Cocteau Twins Edinburgh Assembly Rooms 20 April 1984 soundcheck *M1*
by josefkarol

by herge65

Bauhaus - London Music Machine 18th January 1980 (Audience With MP3 Sample)
by noahwall

Bauhaus - Rotterdam Lantaarn 6th April 1980 (M2 Audience)
by noahwall

atari 2600 04.21.2007 07:26 AM

I wonder if those are the Matthew Kaufmann demos from 1975, because I have those. The landing page doesn't say. It is notated that it was originally seeded on EZT before the change to dime, so I think it is.

So much Hendrix stuff is on official releases. Glad the seeder removed the offending track and re-upped this. Good catch, thanks.

Torn Curtain 04.21.2007 07:46 AM

Regarding the Talking Heads demos there's no seeder, hope that'll get fixed.

EDIT: that's fixed people grabbed it.

Toxa 04.21.2007 08:20 AM

MELVINS 2007-04-08 Hamburg DVD (PAL) (full show with SBD audio!!)

Torn Curtain 04.21.2007 01:18 PM

Siouxsie and the Banshees 1979.04.23 Teatro Barcello Madrid, Spain RESEED
by deucecoupe

The Stranglers West Orange Creations Club NJ 7th April 1981
by adriana

Arcade Fire - BBC Culture Show DVD - Documentary + Live Tracks [TV]
by zhivago

Miles Davis 1970-10-18 Fillmore West (tree disc 8)
by EnnioD

Miles Davis - Paris - November 3, 1969 - 2nd show
by jkeisers

atari 2600 04.22.2007 04:39 PM

That Record Plant NYC '69 Larry Young/Jimi Hendrix is pretty unique...a cool listen. Larry plays his signature Hammond organ style and Jimi lays down some tasteful guitar. It's one of those things that you download and listen to and you have the inclination to thank the heavens for the privilege.

As for the Miles, he departed company with his second great quartet/quintet (Hancock, Carter, Williams) by '69, but I can stand the '69 and '70 stuff okay because I like what Miles is playing. (Bitches Brew-era is still okay overall). Wayne Shorter (from the Quintet) is still there. Dave Holland is good, but of course Ron Carter was even better. I also like Jack DeJohnette who is great like Tony Williams, just only in his own way. I don't really care for Chick Corea that much though; I never have, and unfortunately, he has the propensity to stink things up quite a bit.

anyway, '70-'71-ish is my cut-off for live Miles...and I prefer stuff pre-'68, all-in-all...

atari 2600 04.22.2007 04:47 PM

Did any of you get the 5/06/95 The Metro Chicago sbd for Mike Watt All-Stars?

It's really good. (perfect soundboard, excellent performances, cool artwork, etc.) It brings back memories of when I saw this tour. The audio is from pro-shot video and I would like to trade a dvd or something if someone interested happens to have the dvd video of it.
list here

atari 2600 04.22.2007 05:01 PM

Bjork, Corsano & Co. were great last night, weren't they?

stu666 04.25.2007 03:13 PM

this one should be good
Hush Arbors / Phil Minton / Tight Meat Duo - Shaw Library, LSE, London, UK 12 Mar 2007

Torn Curtain 04.25.2007 04:09 PM

Miles Davis-Cte Blues(JMY Boot) Juan Les Pins 1963
by mondomondo

LowTorrent Black Session 04-23-2007 FM
by svpbit

Smashing Pumpkins - 1/20/92 - Melkweg; Amsterdam, NL
by fogelsong

Torn Curtain 04.27.2007 02:55 PM


Originally Posted by hipster_bebop_junkie
My jaw hit my toes when I saw this announcement. Oh boy, I do love Low's music like crazy. Thank You very much for giving the heads up, Torn Curtain. I most definitely will go for it.

You're welcome.

New torrents:

Echo & the Bunnymen - Kant Kino, Berlin June 15th 1981
by tantxu

Echo & the Bunnymen - Tuts, Chicago April 12th 1981 SBD
by tantxu

Sigur Rs - Montreux Jazz Festival, Switzerland (2001-07-13) Superb Soundboard Recording
by einzack

Cocteau Twins Edinburgh ASsembly Rooms 20 April 1984
by seeingtrees

SIOUXSIE & THE BANSHEES 2002-08-18 Tokyo "Summer Sonic Festival" (NTSC DVD)
by Jason_t

WILCO - 4-19-07 - Palais Theatre - Melbourne Australia
by stevegeppi

Torn Curtain 04.28.2007 05:44 AM

DEERHOOF - 2007-04-20 - Lyon (France), Grrrnd Zero [AUD]
by MachlaD

Joanna Newsom: Berlin 2007-04-25
by zambesi

Cocteau Twins Hammersmith Odeon London 19th April 1983
by the_Flea

Torn Curtain 04.30.2007 07:54 AM

Another point of VU Vol. 4 - VU covers- Various Artists
by fracas64

Neil Young with the Stray Gators and Crosby & Nash - Winterland 1973-03-22
by Harm85

Miles Davis - Plugged Nickel Club, Chicago - June 1969
by jkeisers

atari 2600 05.01.2007 11:46 AM

There was a torrent listed as "New Order 1988 Demos flac," or something, and when I clicked on the torrent address it went to a "page not found" error. I think the torrent was banned and deleted at that very moment because when I checked back, it's not longer listed.

I wish I still had the page open, but I tried to click 'back."
The seeder wrote that the source is a tape they got off of ebay.

I'm just getting a Gentle Giant just as a lark because it's an FM and a Frank Zappa FM right now.

Torn Curtain 05.01.2007 01:13 PM

Low, 2007-04-30, Ancienne Belgique, Brussels, Belgium [AUD] [LowTorrent]
by tunic

Cocteau Twins, Hammersmith Odeon London 19 April 1983
by josefkarol

The Lyon Tapes Collection (109) - Siouxsie & The Banshees (feat. Robert Smith) / Lyon (France) March 26, 1984 (Aud master) "FIXED"
by lolive

atari 2600 05.01.2007 08:28 PM

The recent JSBX is not a soundboard as purported. It sounds fairly good, to be sure, but it just irks me that so many good sounding audience recordings always get tagged as soundboards when they clearly are not. I don't think there's necessarily anything terribly wrong with these people's hearing; I think it's their fucking brain that fails them.

What's funny is that the JSBX - "Don't Cramp My Style" bootleg sounds like audience because of the drums miking and the mix, yet it's a soundboard and that this one at the Whisky is marked as soundboard, yet anyone listening to the drums can easily tell different.

Torn Curtain 05.02.2007 05:21 AM

FEIST Schillertheater Berlin 23.Apr.2007 audience DAT Master
by vortex242

Rare Miles Davis 1946 - 1960 Disc One (Shn)
by mandomondo

Miles Davis MilesLX Tree disc 2 (1960-03-30 Frankfurt + 1960-04-10 Stuttgart)
by EnnioD

Torn Curtain 05.03.2007 03:16 PM

dEUS Montreux Jazz Festival 2006 FM
by zingapoor

Bjork - May 2, 2007 Radio City Music Hall DAUD
by NimrodSonny

Bjrk 2007-05-02 Radio City Music Hall NYC - FOB DPA 4021s
by danlynch

Bjork - 2007-04-27 - Indio, Ca - coachella
by toaster

NEW ORDER LIVE 08 JUN 87 The Roxy - Sheffield, England - AUDIENCE - FLAC
by mdourado

Cocteau Twins Live 1996-05-26 Milan, Italy (VENUE-R.Stone) FLAC
by cleech74

LOW 02.May 2007 Molotow Hamburg Germany --Fantastic Recording
by soprano

Patti Smith - Rockpalast / Stereo / FM - Radio Show

PINK FLOYD Rome VPRO Rebroadcast SHN
(6.5.68) by GuyGadebois

Pink Floyd 1971-09-30 Meddled (rev A) [HRV CDR 001a]
by syd235

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