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stu666 04.09.2007 04:30 AM

you have have probably seen these buy now but just in case anyonye hasn't
Sonic Youth 9-16-87 NTSC DVD Metroplex in Atlanta

also this one
THURSTON MOORE DVD - NTSC, june 10 1995 maxwells 34min

greenlight 04.09.2007 11:05 AM


Originally Posted by stu666
you have have probably seen these buy now but just in case anyonye hasn't
Sonic Youth 9-16-87 NTSC DVD Metroplex in Atlanta

also this one
THURSTON MOORE DVD - NTSC, june 10 1995 maxwells 34min

thank's very much. I've almost missed this one.

atari 2600 04.09.2007 05:13 PM

Holy moley...'87 Metroplex!
Excuse me...
& thx 4 reminding bout 11/06/67 Salle Pleyel, Paris ORTF radio broadcast

I have to free some memory now...pronto!

On 8/05/04, Pylon played a reunion gig at the Lunch Paper bar on College Square in Athens. Sloan Simpson attended, recorded, and seeded it. Well, here's another one thanks to our correspondent in the field:
pylon 4/04/07 Lunch Paper Athens
Sean Lennon attended.

Torn Curtain 04.11.2007 01:13 PM

THE STOOGES - July 4, 2004, Exit Festival, Novi Sad, Serbia PROSHOT PAL DVD
by havrefras

Dinosaur Jr, 1987-09-15, Blind Pig, Ann Arbor
by ShermanLoper

Miles Davis - Helsinki - November 1, 1967
by jkeisers

atari 2600 04.11.2007 04:58 PM

another Miles' 2nd Great Quintet '67...thanks for the tip, Torn Curtain. Me likey our little support system here.

I wonder (to myself (publicly)) how Sherman (seeded the Dino (above)) is doing...I only see him every now and again over at a private Laurie group and here once in a blue moon.

TAJ MAHAL 1974 FM RESEED by jonicont

Neil Young & Crazy Horse 1986-10-22 - Fox Theater, St. Louis * Soundboard * by martcon


Apples in Stereo 2007-03-26 Portland, OR - yltfan SBD/AUD MTRX- (13) by yltfan

Mazzy Star 21 December 1996 Slim's, San Francisco by fracas64

Wire - London Bloomsbury Theatre 21st July 1985 (Uncirculated Audience Master) by noahwall

The Pop Group - Alexandra Palace 15 june 1980 by jelliot

Johnny Thunders - January 10, 1987 City Gardens, Trenton, New Jersey by Kanzan

Butthole Surfers -1996-xx-xx Tejass - 13 remaster (Sbd) A+ by trysomekef

the ex 29-3-2007 sbd/aud by copshootcop

Hella/Sunburned Hand of the Man/Magik Markers - Houston TX - March 18,2007 - NTSC DVD by sleepy

***RUINS*** // Seattle, 2001-03-26 // Soundboard // by GUITARS

atari 2600 04.11.2007 05:03 PM

Anyone else's '87 dvd @ Metroplex currently not downloading?

nicfit 04.11.2007 05:10 PM

it's working for me, but i'm still at 15.7 % while most of the leechers reached 41.2%. Maybe that's the reason why you're stuck? Dunno.

pantophobia 04.11.2007 05:11 PM


Originally Posted by atari 2600
Anyone else's '87 dvd @ Metroplex currently not downloading?

yeah, says it's a dead link, i hope there is no legal issue with this, i mean none of this show was ever released officially was it?

made it to 39.5%, hopefully can continue

nicfit 04.11.2007 05:21 PM

:(:(:( let's hope.........

atari 2600 04.11.2007 05:36 PM

I've made it to 40% (so far)


yeah, hopefully it'll come back
i'm giving it awhile before I post in the thread over there

pantophobia 04.12.2007 11:34 AM

i am up to 52.7% now, apparently there is enough spread to keep downloading, i just don't know how much was downloaded by every one before the seeder disappeared

in theory it is possible to complete the torrent if every piece of the torrent was downloaded in pieces by multiple people, question now is if there are enough pieces of puzzle to put it together

nicfit 04.12.2007 11:39 AM

52.8 here, hope the seeder will "reappear" soon....

Torn Curtain 04.12.2007 12:01 PM

Lou Reed live in Copenhagen 19 september 1973
by Thomas87

John Martyn - 25 July 1976 - July Wakes Festival, Charnock Richard, Chorley, UK Restored - Uncirculated Master
by tonyt

Neil Young (Solo) 1999-04-27 - E.J. Thomas Hall, Akron, Ohio (RESEED)
by kngoerthwrms

Stevie Wonder - Rainbow Room, New York - 7/13/73 (Amazing Soundboard)
by monkeycat

There's also lots of Durutti Column shows but they're so numerous I won't bother putting the links.

atari 2600 04.12.2007 12:38 PM

goodness...a '73 Stevie Wonder soundboard...


Originally Posted by nicfit
52.8 here, hope the seeder will "reappear" soon....

habibtheantiamericanbitch (meepzor) always lets us know that his machine seeds rather slowly, so something, I'm guessing, may be going on with his computer. We used to trade via mail a lot a couple of years ago. I just hope he's okay.

greenlight 04.12.2007 03:54 PM

haven't been here for a while. yeah, I was wondering myself where's seeder. is it habibtheantiamericanbitch? hope he'll seed back. hope he's going to send me that dvd's I'm trading with him at the moment. first time we traded it was ok, this time he seems to be busy or something, he's not on the board as often as he used to be theese days either. well...

I'm on 55.3% like most of the leechers.

atari 2600 04.12.2007 06:09 PM

Yes, it is him.
Maybe it's just computer problems for a few days.
The weird thing is the link for the page (which may be just "embedded") still works,


but, like those of you that have already tried this, no doubt, I cannot find the listing by searching dime's directory.

atari 2600 04.12.2007 06:26 PM


In the thread at dime, meepzor writes:
apparently there seems to be some trouble with this torrent, as i've gotten several emails to that effect, and the fact that Dime registers the torrent as being DEAD. however it is still seeding and leechers are still gaining about 20% per day (despite my miserable speed).....dunno what's up. tried resetting the connection, changing ports, whatever and nothing has changed. but we should have a few more seeders in the ensuing days. sorry for the probs!!!

So, I take that to mean that a few people that did manage to snatch the whole thing are planning on coming back to lend a helping hand.
Let's hope


habibtheantiamericanbitch 04.13.2007 06:08 AM

hey- just got pointed to this thread. i don't frequent the boards too often real reason. anyway, i managed to restart the seed and it appears once again on the Dime.....sorry for the troubles on this! also, reading some above posts, if i have unfinished trading biz with you, PLEASE let me know!!! i don't like stiffing anyone any more than i like getting stiffed..........

greenlight 04.14.2007 01:42 PM

check this out!
if you like MCIAA you should def. dl. this one. I was at this show and it was great set. thanks Peter!! ( i'm dl. it currently, so I can't say about quality of rec., but performance was great, that's for sure)

My Cat Is An Alien - ATP, Butlins, Minehead, Somerset, UK 10 Dec 2006

Torn Curtain 04.14.2007 02:20 PM

LAURA VEIRS - Paradiso, Amsterdam, April 13 2007
by mdekoning

The Creatures 1999.07.03 Roskilde Festival Roskilde, Denmark FM RESEED (Siouxsie/Budgie)
by deucecoupe

The Who - Boston Tea Party - 11th November 1969 (Complete)
by mrbase

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