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Dead-Air 11.09.2008 02:54 PM

"For Your Entertainment" by Unwound from Repetition

jon boy 11.09.2008 03:23 PM

text of light in czech republic.

StevOK 11.09.2008 03:43 PM


Originally Posted by sarramkrop
Teenage Filmstars

I'm downloading one of their albums right now because you mentioned them in the MBV thread.

Torn Curtain 11.09.2008 04:02 PM

Kitchens of Distinction - University of London Union, London England, 22nd February 1990 AUD (from dime)

SYRFox 11.09.2008 04:08 PM


Torn Curtain 11.09.2008 04:45 PM

Isaac Hayes - Black Moses on

viewtiful_alan 11.09.2008 05:30 PM

Today so far:

5/5 Three amazing songs. Loved it


came as a freebie with some lil wayne mixtapes I ordered on Ebay. Overlong, redundant, and on top of that, its really not very good. Really generic beats with really really generic 'southern' lyrics.
2/5 (i'm being generous)

sarramkrop 11.09.2008 05:45 PM


Originally Posted by StevOK
I'm downloading one of their albums right now because you mentioned them in the MBV thread.

Which one?

pantophobia 11.09.2008 05:48 PM

listening to Sun City Girls - Torch of the Mystics

i just got up and danced to Radar 1941, one of the best on the album, it feels very uplifting, i think still my fav song by them is Sev Acher, especially the epic rendition on You're Never Alone Without a Cigarette

StevOK 11.09.2008 06:49 PM


Originally Posted by sarramkrop
Which one?

The only one I was able to find was Star.

Dead-Air 11.09.2008 10:08 PM

"Lorelei" by the Cocteau Twins from Treasure. My favorite song by them, but incredibly frustrating how it makes you want to sing along, but doesn't have discernible words at all!

uhler 11.09.2008 11:48 PM


gohleekwang 11.10.2008 03:03 AM

Die Haut - Headless Body In A Topless Bar

stu666 11.10.2008 03:06 AM


stu666 11.10.2008 03:41 AM


Originally Posted by Inhuman
Sunburned Hand of the Man - No Magic Man


this ^^^

uhler 11.10.2008 04:06 AM


stu666 11.10.2008 04:38 AM


stu666 11.10.2008 05:09 AM


Toxa 11.10.2008 05:38 AM


sarramkrop 11.10.2008 05:49 AM

Suicide Commando
Blank Dogs
The Legend!
Wooden Shjips

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