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m1rr0r dash 01.21.2008 06:49 PM


Sheriff Rhys Chatham 01.21.2008 09:55 PM

SK releases a bunch
The Blood Brothers - Young Machettes
Cursive - The Ugly Organ
The New (not released)Steven Malkmus
The Sic Alps - Description of the Harbor

uhler 01.21.2008 10:26 PM


more people need to listen to the descendents

Death & the Maiden 01.21.2008 11:09 PM

Iron Maiden - Iron Maiden
Iron Maiden - Killers
This is the only metal I like. But no one else I know likes it. They all like the Bruce Dickinson era and won't have anything to do with the Paul Di'Anno stuff.

uhler 01.21.2008 11:40 PM

killers is an alright album

m1rr0r dash 01.22.2008 01:08 AM


Norma J 01.22.2008 01:24 AM


Originally Posted by Rob Instigator
the first song on that is so fucking awesome.

The whole album is awesome.

Cantankerous 01.22.2008 01:43 AM


any colour you like is one of my favorite songs ever
as well as the great gig in the sky

Norma J 01.22.2008 01:46 AM


Originally Posted by screamingskull

I might go dust this off. It wasn't a favourite for me like Wiretap Scars was. I saw them live during Wiretap and they were cool. Saw them during Porcelain (I think it was during then) and it was cool too.

Alot of people over look Sparta or write them off. Shame. You can hear who wrote most of At the Drive-In music when listening to Sparta.

Torn Curtain 01.22.2008 06:03 AM

Serge Gainsbourg - Espace Foire, Lille, France 6 nov 1985 AUD (from dime)

sarramkrop 01.22.2008 06:07 AM


SYRFox 01.22.2008 07:50 AM


Torn Curtain 01.22.2008 10:06 AM

Laura Veirs - Saltbreakers

_slavo_ 01.22.2008 10:12 AM

My colleague is torturing me with Tori Amos.

sonic sphere 01.22.2008 10:20 AM

the very best of dick dale & his del-tones

sonic sphere 01.22.2008 11:00 AM

the verve-a northern soul

Sheriff Rhys Chatham 01.22.2008 11:36 AM

Neil Young - Mirror Ball

stu666 01.22.2008 12:17 PM

Pavement 5/14/1997 Bohager's, Baltimore (from DAT master) by threelobed (from Dime)

screamingskull 01.22.2008 12:59 PM


Originally Posted by Norma J
You can hear who wrote most of At the Drive-In music when listening to Sparta.

Your right! Jim Ward wrote most of At The Drive In's music, he is wonderful. Sparta is just At The Drive In without so much crazy guitar or singing, i would have loved for them to have stayed together as they made kind of a SuperGroup! But Sparta has Jim and Tony (who is an absolutely amazing drummer) and thats good enough for me.

Jim gets overlooked when it comes to At The Drive In, as he doesn't have an afro or a drug problem! sad.

Watch Sparta!

Watch At The Drive In

That being said, i am currently listening to -

Everyneurotic 01.22.2008 07:12 PM

i remember an interview where omar took credit for writing the riffs with the crazy chords saying that it was because he was left handed and had to make up chords that jim later had to learn.

then, atdi break up and jim keeps writing the riffs with that kind of chords while omar went on to write music that hardly has any guitar riffs or chords whatsoever.

i like me the odd sparta song, wiretap scars is too melancholic for me, at least it was the last time; porcelain has more solid songwriting. they are without a doubt better than the mars volta.

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