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noisereductions 11.19.2010 08:10 PM

I dnt like Rick Ross.

Drake kills it I'm sure.

Yeah Em is not making me happy these days. The only song I liked on Recovery was basically a fucking Weezy track with Em guesting.

Nicki's verse on "Bottom's Up" is so sick.

Dr. Eugene Felikson 11.19.2010 09:09 PM

Recovery was his worst since Encore. Both are equally shit. I doubt he'll ever top Slim Shady LP. Eminem was a killer emcee back then.

Rick Ross is fun.

Wh-wh-wh-wh-where my money? I need, I need cash!

You don't wanna be there when I blast rocks.

noisereductions 11.19.2010 09:18 PM

I just can't get into Raws. My bro-bro loves him, but he's not my thing. I don't know.

Anyway, Em sucks now. I hate to say "no junk no soul" or whatever. But I wanted him to make a "serious album" for years. ANd if this is it, then fuck off. It's bad. I hated Relapse a lot, but some how Recovery is worse. Like I cringe.

I think I like Marshal Mathers LP the most. But whatever. Anything is better than his last 2.

Dr. Eugene Felikson 11.19.2010 09:28 PM

Have you ever heard anything off of Infinite?

It's probably as serious as you'll ever hear Em. It's before he picked up the whole Slim Shady gimmick. One of his best. Probably my second favorite of his. Marshall Mathers is 3rd, and Eminem Show 4th. Relapse.... I guess.... is 5th. The other 2 shouldn't even exist.

This is completely disregarding anything from D12 or Soul Intent though.

But yeah, check out Infinite, if you haven't yet, dude. It's raw, yet so, so, so smooth at the same time.

noisereductions 11.19.2010 09:32 PM

I've heard EVERYTHING off of Infinite. I like it a lot. It's wicked good. It has that song (forget title) that later turned into "Toy Soldiers". I love "Toy Soldiers"

Infinite is great.

noisereductions 11.19.2010 09:33 PM

Also you meant to say "Infinite is before he met Cage and ripped off Cage and invented Slim Shady"

Dr. Eugene Felikson 11.19.2010 09:43 PM

All in all, it's obvious that Eminem was influenced by a bunch of emcees. Isn't everyone? ICP bit Esham much harder than Eminem did, yet Esham is completely cool with them. Is it jealousy? Or maybe Eminem is really just a little bitch? The world may never know.

Eminem vs. Cage

Eminem vs. Esham

noisereductions 11.19.2010 09:46 PM

hahahaha awesome

whatever. I like them both. But Beef (when done right) is compelling.

Dr. Eugene Felikson 11.19.2010 09:50 PM


Enjoying this A LOT now. Suicidal Failure rules. Blonde Redhead sample trips me out.

noisereductions 11.19.2010 10:01 PM

yeah Movies For The Blind is a masterpiece. I love me some Cage. I'm glad you're feeling it dude.

Movies For The Blind - classic
Weatherproof - wicked good ep of outtakes from this ear
Hell's Winter - really good, but way more um serious?
(new one sucks ass so I wont even mention)

Conspiracy (The Weathermen) - awesome compilation by a crew so huge and great they imploded
The Leak Bros - interesting album w/ Tame One - I'm sure JennTheBenn loves it
Nighthawks' - album w/ Camu Tao.. based on The Nighthawks. haha

anyway Cage was DEFINTELY an important part of Em's sound no doubt. Like you said so was Esham. So was Kid Rock. So was ICP. so wahtever. He was smart enough to capitilize.

Em is great. I mean was great. He's also more interesting than great.

ICP is super interesting. Like you said, bit Esham. But I find them way more compelling cuz of the clown shit and how that fits into society.

Kid Rock is stupid.

Esham is interestting to me on paper, but I dont get into all of his hit. THough there's stuff I do liek a lot. I ahvet found the right album.

EDIT: best Cage song is "Ballad Of Worms" from Eastern Conference All-Stars 3 comp. SAMPLES BUILT TO SPILL and has insanely sick lyrics. Please find on youtube Joe.Kilelr

Dr. Eugene Felikson 11.19.2010 10:11 PM


I think Closed Casket is the Esham album for you. Give this track a spin when you get the chance -

You familiar with Awesome Dre at all?


noisereductions 11.19.2010 10:13 PM

Awesome Dre? nope.. What's up?

noisereductions 11.19.2010 10:15 PM

oh I forgot to tell you about Smut Peddlars, Cage's group with The High & Mighty. Their album was called Porn Again. You'd like it.

Dr. Eugene Felikson 11.19.2010 10:26 PM

Awesome Dre was the first rapper from Detroit who was supposed to "make it" in the mainstream, waaay back in like '88 (89?). He was a big influence on ICP, Eminem, Kid Rock, pretty much everyone - even Esham.


noisereductions 11.19.2010 10:41 PM

hhmmm actually it's starting to ring bells. Maybe from you?

I'm listening to Smashing Pumpkins MASHED POTATOES box now.

SpaceCadetHayden 11.19.2010 11:04 PM


Originally Posted by noisereductions
I dnt like Rick Ross.

Drake kills it I'm sure.

Yeah Em is not making me happy these days. The only song I liked on Recovery was basically a fucking Weezy track with Em guesting.

Nicki's verse on "Bottom's Up" is so sick.

Fuck all that post-Drake hypebeast ass shit.

noisereductions 11.19.2010 11:14 PM

hahaha what's up Hayden? I miss you bro. The Drake album is srsly good though. I can't help but love it. :)

SpaceCadetHayden 11.19.2010 11:21 PM

Everything is LOOKING up, bro. 6 days sober as of today and trying to work on getting my mind sorted out. I'm working on verses for BetterThanDeux and I's new rap group WHITE NOYZE(which will certainly blow Drake's album out of the water).

I'm on my grind like a boardslide, son. What's new with you?

noisereductions 11.19.2010 11:38 PM

chilling man. Good to hear yr doing good. Was just thinking of you. Glad to see you back around. :)

viewtiful alan redux 11.20.2010 01:08 AM


A good, but unlikable mc going over Special herbs instrumentals. I dig it.


This Johnny character is pretty shitty.


The new Dr. Dre single... if this is a taste of what's coming than Detox is looking like it will be Hip Hop's Chinese Democracy in more than one sense

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