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CHOUT 03.23.2006 04:06 AM

My band is playing this Thursday and Friday in Minneapolis MN! Come on down!
Another first for Small White:
We are playing two consecutive nights this Thursday and Friday.

We got booked with I think a couple of singer/songwriter types at the Terminal Bar show, but The Red Sea show will be full-on rock madness. We are having our pal Manny play violin on a few songs at each show.

Come out if you can! Thursday is 21+, Friday is 18+.





marleypumpkin 03.23.2006 08:35 AM

I would definetly go if I lived in that area CHOUT. I'm sure you guys will be great. I just wish I had a gig coming up. Would you come to see it?

shentov 03.23.2006 08:37 AM

damn you, im too far to see this show. come play in Bulgaria you fucks:)

HaydenAsche 03.23.2006 05:00 PM

Hey, Chout. I have an ID that says I'm 19. Maybe I'll make it to the Red Sea show if I'm in town.

guitarpro 03.23.2006 05:20 PM

Hey CHOUT good luck with the shows bro

Savage Clone 03.23.2006 05:30 PM

19 won't get you in, Goo14.
My last show was all ages; too bad.

insuchahurry 03.23.2006 05:35 PM

heh the Action Squad

CHOUT 03.23.2006 05:48 PM

Yep, the Red Sea show is 18+
I love Action Squad!!!!!!!!!!!

Adventurous types go to

HaydenAsche 03.23.2006 05:54 PM

Savage, The Red Sea show is 18+.

I don't know if I'll be in town or not then, though.

Savage Clone 03.23.2006 06:37 PM

Oh yeah, I forgot they do that there.

CHOUT 03.24.2006 07:49 PM

bump. Tonight's show is gonna rule...

HaydenAsche 03.24.2006 07:55 PM

Argh! I'm in Willmar! If I can find a ride in the next hour I'll be there!

CHOUT 03.25.2006 05:06 AM

We had a fucking absolute blast tonight. The place was packed, there was a lot of rockin' good vibes between the bands, and every band kicked ass. I invited everybody up on stage (which isn't rare at our shows) for a song and it was craziness! The thursday show was great too, if less populated, but that just meant we could fuck around and play some of our more ridiculous songs.

The thursday show was promoted on our local fm station the current, so we had our name mentioned on air, which was kinda cool. There's a first for everything...

I'll post some pics if anybody wants to see tha shit.

max 03.25.2006 12:28 PM

I wish I could go. Weird thing is that I went to the twin cities to check out my first PRONG gig ever (Station 8 - oct. 28th 2005)... wish we could met man... next time around?

CHOUT 03.25.2006 01:57 PM

For sure, Max. I wish I could say I'd be coming to your neck of the woods anytime soon, but that probably won't happen.

We're playing at Station 4 on April 6th. That will be our third gig there in a pretty short amount of time. Big stage there, eh? That place holds the distinction of having the most repellent, jaded, crabby sound guys
of any place we've ever played. This pic was taken at Station 4.


We're playing the 7th Street Entry (First Avenue) on April 1st! That has probably been my goal to play there since we've been playing out.

CHOUT 03.25.2006 08:32 PM

A couple from Thursday:
Our friends Somatic Fuzz sharing the stage with us.



A couple from Friday:



you can see pics from a bunch of our shows at:

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