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Bunbury 06.19.2006 12:22 PM

what are you reading?
frankie and johnny were lovers!
oh lordy how they could love...

i just finished tif findleys, the last of the crazy people.

Grete 06.19.2006 12:33 PM

short story of Checov, I like them

whorefrost 06.19.2006 12:36 PM

i'm currently juggling Cock and Bull by Will Self and Death on the Instalment Plan by Louis Ferdinand Celine

Hip Priest 06.19.2006 01:46 PM

The Cheshire Grand Jury 1625 - 1659, A Social and Administrative Study by J.S. Morrill

Trasher02 06.19.2006 02:00 PM

Lord of the rings - Fellowship of the ring

I finally started reading.

krastian 06.19.2006 02:01 PM

Lee's Road Movies....just got it and Ambient Loop for Vancouver is really good too.

jon boy 06.19.2006 02:02 PM

the rules of attraction

finding nobody 06.19.2006 02:04 PM


and i just bought lee's 1980s journals

screamingskull 06.19.2006 02:06 PM

today i read Optic Nerve issues 3,5,6, and 7 by Adrian Tomine. I bought them off ebay, they are fantastic i only have to get 8 & 9 and i will have the complete collection.

sonicl 06.19.2006 02:07 PM

Right now? The Sonic Youth fan forum. Sorry, if I hadn't said it someone else would've.

Bookwise? Carl Hiassen's "Stormy Weather".

FruitLoop 06.19.2006 02:09 PM


Originally Posted by Grete
short story of Checov, I like them

... about Chekov, I encountered this today.... funny.

afterthefact 06.19.2006 02:31 PM

Neil Gaiman - Smoke and Mirrors... good stuff, good stuff...

A Thousand Threads 06.19.2006 02:34 PM

at the moment
Naomi Klein - No Logo
Merylin French - Women
some Kafka Stories & some Lovecraft

Magublafix 06.19.2006 02:34 PM

The Fall - Albert Camus

Alex's Trip 06.19.2006 02:36 PM

I have to read these books as summer homework for my English Class next year

A Seperate Peace-John Knowels
The Good Earth-Pearl Buck
Silas Marner-George Elliot

umjammer atomsk 06.19.2006 02:47 PM

The Count of Monte Cristo

RIPfrey05 06.19.2006 02:52 PM


screamingskull 06.19.2006 02:54 PM


Originally Posted by Alex's Trip
Silas Marner-George Elliot

that book couldent suck anymore if it tried!!!!!!!!!!!!, i had to read that for english lit a few years ago. although it might not be so bad out of the classroom environment which seems to make everything a hell of alot more boring! either way you have my sympathy.

LifeDistortion 06.19.2006 02:55 PM

Nothing and I'm getting rather sick of it, by the way what's the deal with the SY Book Club? Has the second book been picked yet?

h8kurdt 06.19.2006 02:56 PM

William Blake-Songs of innocence and experiance

After this i'll start Ghost World which i'm looking forward to.

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