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Everyneurotic 01.22.2008 09:13 PM

yeah, g.i.s.m. are great.

most japanese hardcore bands have metal tendencies without delving too into the genre defining parts of metal.

sonicl 01.23.2008 02:15 AM

So, buzzo now knows the name of every single Japanese band except Shonen Knife. But which ones is he supposed to buy? :rolleyes:

atari 2600 01.23.2008 02:17 AM

oh, wow, like totallyu japanese, man

but erm,

OOIOO and Afrirampo
are all you need to now
for the right now

okay, another shit post.
but shit man if you be checkin' out the archives with the Bore that's cool too..

_slavo_ 01.23.2008 02:35 AM

OOIOO yes, most defitely. I love them girls.

stu666 01.23.2008 02:57 AM

this excellent torrent was put up on dime recently

OOIOO 2007-03-26 San Francisco (AUD/FLAC) by michaelz

sun city girl 01.23.2008 04:44 AM


Originally Posted by the ikara cult
I only listened to Pop Tatari and Chocolate Synthesiser, and both are completely bananas, so maybe the other albums mentioned before are the best to start with

chocolate synthesizer is great, but the best boredoms album is soul discharge '99 so i recommend that. from the later ones super aR is best.

sarramkrop 01.23.2008 04:51 AM


Originally Posted by king_buzzo
what should i start with boredoms?

reccomend some other japanese shit.


I recommend you start using the search function. Duh!

sun city girl 01.23.2008 04:58 AM


Originally Posted by Everyneurotic
kenji siratori

start from here

jonathan 01.23.2008 05:05 AM

I don't know shit about the Japanese scene, but I do know that I have been enjoying the shit out of

Les Rallizes Denudes.

Fans of Sonic Youth and the spaciest space rock in space will definitely appreciate it.

Phlegmscope 01.23.2008 05:16 AM

Yellow Magic Orchestra.

Other stuff is for pussies.

atsonicpark 01.23.2008 06:42 AM

Again, I didn't list the really obvious ones, like RUINS and Afrirampo, since those are all fairly well-known in America, but I really should have mentioned xinlisupreme. They're like Big Black drum machines meets my Bloody Valentine guitar roars with Merzbow doing the mixing or something. I wonder if they will release anything else. That band I mentioned, Blam Honey, does some similiarly cool stuff.

GISM are hilarious; I saw a show of theirs once online at a school. Fucking grand stuff.

I would've probably listed Fuck on the Beach but I forgot they were Japanese :)

Yellow Magic Orchestra, I heard everything they've done up to a certain point. It wasn't my thing exactly, though it had its moments. Like a synthesizer orchestra with some robot rock as well. I much prefer Denki Groove for that extended 80's electronic sound.

I also forgot to list some more obvious stuff like P-Model and Skyfisher.

Regarding my CD collection: I do have a huge CD collection, I don't really own any non-noise records, and I have 40 whole 100 CD-R case spindles completely filled with CD's (and sometimes I'll put 2 or 3 CD's by the same or similiar bands on the same CD-R, if room permits), and I'm pretty well-acquainted with them all. Keep in mind that I've probably heard 80% of what Tzadik has put out that WASN'T released by John Zorn.

But I didn't copy and paste anything from wikipedia -- hell, I don't think wikipedia even has any info about 75% of the bands I mentioned! I listed all those bands straight from my memory, what good it does me, who knows, because tomorrow everyone will still be like "fuck atsonicpark the asshole".

As for what CD's should be bought in the Japanese market, that's why I tried to list some essentials. Personally, some of my ALL-TIME favorite CD's to come from Japan are.. Number Girl - School Girl Distortional Addict, Bloodthirsty Butchers - Lukewarm Wind, Omoide Hatoba - Black Hawaii, OOIOO - Green and Gold, Boredoms - Vision Creation Newsun, Sparta Locals - Sun Sun Sun, Gaji - Ten to Ten Past Ten, and Limited Express (Has Gone?) - Makes You Dance. So, buy those first.

sarramkrop 01.23.2008 06:57 AM

Just out of curiosity: how do you find the time for listening to this continous parade of obscure names' records and form such a precise opinion about them? I'm just curious because it generally can take me weeks, months or even years to properly get certain records, so it seems like quite the miracle that you are performing, there.

atsonicpark 01.23.2008 07:08 AM

I listen to music all day, every day. I find the time. When I'm at the computer, when I'm driving (and I drive a LOT; I live in the country, but my job is 20 minutes into town, and I pick up some people on the way and take them to work for carpool; by the time I get home, I've already listened to probably 2 hours of music), on my lunch break, when I sleep, when I play video games, if I'm watching silent films or art films I'll put music in over top, when hanging out with my girlfriend, when I'm jacking off, etc. Pretty much every waking moment and some sleeping moments (though, obviously, I mainly fall asleep to stuff like Stars of the Lid). I must have a good musical memory, because I can listen to something only once or twice and tell you tons of things about it, though obviously CD's that really strike me as a curiosity I listen to more than that. I listen to every CD I have AT LEAST twice, though.

The only time I'm not listening to is when I'm creating it.

And I'm not sure if I really named too many "obscure" artists, probably 75% of them are fairly well-known, just maybe not on this board. Keep in mind that I've been listening to some of these artists since I was in 8th grade (9 years ago). Personally, I don't feel I've even heard that much yet, I'm just scratching the surface, and I always want more. I've been burnt out a few times, I'm taking a little break from music for a few days, but yeah.

Also, when downloading music, I'll just type in a band's name (usually something obscure, sure), and I'll browse the user lists of people sharing that band and I'll download stuff I've never heard of, just queue up a few albums you know. So, my music listening has bit a bit random for many years, but I think I'm decently knowledgable to songs on records and it's easy for me to form opinions of them. Something I realized a long time ago is that 99% of records released aren't great. But it's no greater feeling than finding the great ones.

atsonicpark 01.23.2008 07:22 AM

Yeah, I stopped reading musical magazines about 6 or 7 years ago, when Alternative Press started becoming terrible. I'd read the Wire, but it's a bit expensive to get it here I think.

I do download a lot of shit from blogs though, mainly mutant sounds.

Um.. I don't know if I'm that knowledgable about stuff, but I'm knowledgable on the subjects that interest me. Start a "reccomend me free jazz" thread and I won't have near as many reccomendations.. not because I don't like it, I just.. you know. Japanese music interests me more than most genres. (besides, maybe, surf rock )

sarramkrop 01.23.2008 07:26 AM

Some interesting points, atsonicpark. And sweet Nefeli, that happens to me a lot after I take time to binge on music listening. I might like a record a lot, but that doesn't necessarily mean that I will recall having listened to it afterwards. An alarming example is when someone mentioned Circle on this forum and they got me excited about this band which I thought I had never listened to before. I was wrong and not only I had heard a couple of tracks by them something like nearly two years before, but it turns out that I even sampled them on a piece of music that I had been working on at the time.

thewall91 01.23.2008 07:43 AM


Atsonicpark does not know it all. How could he leave off Japanese hair metal group Loudness?


Saint_Huck 01.23.2008 08:04 AM

Gosh, atsonicpark, you know loads of japanese stuff, impressive. Thanks for the recommendations, slsk is working already... my 5 fave ones are Les Rallizés Denudés, Keiji Haino (solo work/Fushitsusha/collabs with Bailey, Toshida), High Rise, OOIOO and Masayugi Takayanagi. Although there are loads that I haven't heard, right now I'm listening to Tomokawa Kazuki and I'm getting a really positive impression.

Anymore recommendation of folkier/blues-roots japanese stuff? Not psychedelica-collective kinda Ghost, more structured singer-songwriter.

Btw: Last Week I bought thourgh the internet "Japrocksampler", I'm eager to take a read to it, has anyone got to read the book?

the ikara cult 01.23.2008 08:27 AM


Originally Posted by atsonicpark
And I'm not sure if I really named too many "obscure" artists

You and Everyneurotic seem to have a reference list as long as your arm whenever someone posts something about a band though. Its all good of course because youre more trustworthy than the NME or Pitchforkmedia, being a fan. But sometimes something has merit but isnt worth mentioning... i dunno, i dont make music so i dont know about how things sound from that perspective.

Sheriff Rhys Chatham 01.23.2008 10:09 AM

My problem with japanese acts atleast is I can't remember how to fucking spell the shit.

sarramkrop 01.23.2008 10:12 AM

You should read the posts on Japanese music messageboards and see for yourself what they think about non-Japanese names. Not very pleasant.

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