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Everyneurotic 04.21.2008 11:55 PM

i don't really think it's morbid. if anything, i'd think it might be cooler than karate kid bad guy-like drawn rib shirts.

you were tripping on your trip?


ohh yeah, listening to:


Cantankerous 04.21.2008 11:57 PM

no but i can't handle the airport or planes so i got fucked up beyond belief and had to be pushed in a wheelchair. i could've walked but it would've slowed things down a lot and probably caused a scene so the wheelchair was more pragmatic

Everyneurotic 04.22.2008 12:11 AM

ha, drunk on board.

Dead-Air 04.22.2008 12:21 AM

"The Birth and Death of the Day (Jesu Mix)" by Explosions In The Sky from All Of A Sudden I Miss Everyone

Cantankerous 04.22.2008 12:28 AM


Originally Posted by Everyneurotic
ha, drunk on board.

Florya 04.22.2008 01:55 AM

Хатынь: Tacet, Sed Loquitur


jon boy 04.22.2008 05:03 AM

carlos giffoni. i saw him at the weekend and i am going through a big phase.

screamingskull 04.22.2008 07:03 AM



sonic sphere 04.22.2008 08:41 AM

depeche mode-speak & spell

screamingskull 04.22.2008 09:14 AM


Torn Curtain 04.22.2008 09:27 AM

Sigur Rós - Takk

sonic sphere 04.22.2008 10:34 AM

sonic youth-nyc ghosts & flowers

screamingskull 04.22.2008 10:36 AM


m1rr0r dash 04.22.2008 10:45 AM


stu666 04.22.2008 12:02 PM

got this today, listening now


Daddylikes 04.22.2008 12:03 PM

I'm listening to my campaign anthem...

...Teenage Riot

Sonic Youth 37 04.22.2008 12:48 PM


m1rr0r dash 04.22.2008 01:09 PM


Everyneurotic 04.22.2008 02:49 PM


i'm incredibly surprised by how this one is, i usually don't like frank zappa but this one is aceness throughout.

Sonic Youth 37 04.22.2008 04:35 PM


Deluxe edition

I'm kind of breaking my own rule by listening to this during the day, I usually only listen to it at night when I'm not doing anything but focusing on the music.

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