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screamingskull 04.17.2008 02:15 PM


awesomenessssssssss flowing everywhere!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!

Sonic Youth 37 04.17.2008 02:37 PM


Torn Curtain 04.17.2008 03:01 PM

My Brightest Diamond - A thousand shark's teeth

Torn Curtain 04.17.2008 04:11 PM

Brigitte Fontaine & Jacques Higelin - 12 chansons d'avant le déluge

Disgruntled Youth 04.17.2008 05:12 PM

Bob Marley-Rastaman Vibration
Masta Chai Vs. Fyah Korn-Fyah Korn dead again

gmku 04.17.2008 05:16 PM

The Rolling Stones Now!

█████████ 04.17.2008 05:27 PM

dustdevils - gutter ligth

gmku 04.17.2008 07:52 PM


Norma J 04.17.2008 08:22 PM


gmku 04.17.2008 08:46 PM


biffbot 04.17.2008 11:03 PM


Dead-Air 04.17.2008 11:21 PM

"Shimmer, Then Disappear" by Muslimgauze from Jaal Ab Dullah

batreleaser 04.18.2008 12:00 AM

today/last night:
beefheart-trout mask, lick my decals off baby
ugk-underground kings
flipper-generic ablum
merzbow-amlux, articifical invagination
dead kennedys-fresh fruit (first time in AGES, still sounds great, fuckin great)
derek bailey-the gospel record
weedeater-sixteen tons
sonny sharrock and herbie mann-stone flutes
last exit-w/ last exit
ride-going blank again
at the gates-slaughter of the soul
howlin wolf-london sessions
contagious orgasm-thin skinned, defective merchandise

thank god for ipods

right now:
minutemen-double nickels

Everyneurotic 04.18.2008 12:05 AM


you know, it's the first time i'm actually listening to the whole thing.

m1rr0r dash 04.18.2008 12:09 AM


batreleaser 04.18.2008 12:09 AM


Originally Posted by Everyneurotic

you know, it's the first time i'm actually listening to the whole thing.

its so fucking amazing. i just got the reissue of it for 7 bucks last week, its like 2 hrs of pet sounds!

god only knows is most beautiful, and arguably the best, pop song ever put to record. it makes me wanna weep.

Everyneurotic 04.18.2008 12:33 AM

yeah, it's really awesome; my only complain is that the lyrics are too "junior high" but, hey, i have the same complain about the who and i love them.

Torn Curtain 04.18.2008 04:22 AM

The B52's - S/T

jon boy 04.18.2008 05:02 AM

sunn o)))

batreleaser 04.18.2008 09:49 AM

aphex twin-cliffs

soooo fucking beautiful. when i hear this track it gives me the same feeling as being on the top of a mountain, and you just can see everything, and your body and mind is overwhelmed with a feeling of inner calm.

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