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Torn Curtain 12.25.2007 02:51 PM

St Vincent - Marry me

SYRFox 12.25.2007 03:11 PM

Mogwai - Come On Die Young

HaydenAsche 12.25.2007 04:09 PM


Torn Curtain 12.25.2007 04:34 PM

SY - Route du Rock 2007 broadcast on France Inter

Torn Curtain 12.26.2007 03:21 PM

Ulan Bator - Vegetale

Torn Curtain 12.26.2007 05:20 PM

Jeff Buckley - 07/01/1995, Meltdown Festival, London

Savage Clone 12.26.2007 05:26 PM


Norma J 12.26.2007 06:08 PM

One Last Wish. 1986.

One of Guy Picciotto and Brendan Canty's bands.

Cool album. Still sounds fresh today.

Gulasch Noir 12.26.2007 07:28 PM

Because all of you surely die to know what I have listened to today, I'm gonna tell you:

Frank Zappa - Hot Rats
Girls against Boys - You can't fight what you can't see
Guitar Wolf - Ufo Romantics
At Home with the Groovebox Compilation
Glenn Branca - Symphony No. 5
Godspeed You! Black Emperor - Yanqui U.X.O
Fennesz - +47 degrees 56' 37'' -16 degrees 51' 08''
do make say think - winter hymn country hymn secret hymn
Klaus Beyer - Die Glatze
Bikini Kill - Tell me so (only this one song)
Sonic Youth - Speak no evol
Arte flamenco - El cante en Jerez - Vol. 10

I think I enjoyed the Flamenco Compilation the most.

Sheriff Rhys Chatham 12.26.2007 07:34 PM


RdTv 12.26.2007 08:25 PM


King Crimson - In The Court Of The Crimson King

The United States Of America - S/T

Pharoah Sanders - Karma
Yo La Tengo - I am Not Afraid....

Jorge Ben - Africa Brasil

Its nice to take the turntable to work on occasion........

jimbrim 12.26.2007 09:21 PM

John Fahey - America

Everyneurotic 12.26.2007 11:11 PM

fecalove - delusional happy life

Norma J 12.26.2007 11:24 PM

VOID and Faith.

nicfit 12.27.2007 04:41 AM

Some kate wax remix.

Norma J 12.27.2007 04:50 AM

Took my dog for a walk and listened to Q and Not U's album No Kill No Beep Beep. Another Chrissy present. It's fantastic.

atsonicpark 12.27.2007 06:32 AM

That Hoover disc is okay; I heard it a few years ago when someone said it was "like how Fugazi should sound". Whatever. Q and Not U - No Kill No Beep Beep is a classic, though.

Also, some of you actually do listen to excellent stuff.. pharoah sanders, girls against boys, branca, fennesz, etc.

Anyway, tonight I listened to all the coathanger '84 stuff, harry partch's "king oedipus", and la monte young's "well-tuned piano" (which is 5 hours of piano playing; it's amazing!).

Iain 12.27.2007 10:49 AM

Current 93 - Earth Covers Earth. First I've really sat down and properly listened to Current 93...actually really nice, I thought it would be more of a chore. I like it when you buy stuff on a whim and it turns out to be good.

Everyneurotic 12.27.2007 12:51 PM


Torn Curtain 12.27.2007 01:21 PM

David Bowie - Aylesbury 09-25-1971 AUD (from dime)

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