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Pelle 02.10.2012 02:57 PM


Ghostchase 02.10.2012 03:08 PM


SpaceCadetHayden 02.10.2012 04:55 PM


the ikara cult 02.10.2012 05:00 PM


EVOLghost 02.11.2012 12:58 AM


Originally Posted by SpaceCadetHayden

Wow, I completely forgot about their 4th member....

Anywa.s....I just finished making my SNSD playlist. Now time to get training.

gmku 02.11.2012 09:16 AM

Don't know the album but I love the cover art.


Originally Posted by the ikara cult

gmku 02.11.2012 09:17 AM

Nice choice! I have this from a few years ago on colored vinyl.


Originally Posted by foreverasskiss

gmku 02.11.2012 09:18 AM

Right now I'm listening to Jazz and Beyond on WNCW-FM in Spindale, NC. Great local programming on this station!

As for albums, recently Spacemen 3: Sound of Confusion, The Jesus and Mary Chain: Automatic, Ride: Nowhere, and My Bloody Valentine: Loveless.

Pelle 02.11.2012 10:41 AM

Ty Segall / Black Time - Split LP
(TS side).

gmku 02.11.2012 10:43 AM

"Sidewalking" (extended version) / "Sidewalking" (7" mix) / "Taste of Cindy" (live) / "April Skies" (live) single

You know, by that late 1980s alternative rock band.

gmku 02.11.2012 10:46 AM

Then... Barbed Wire Kisses.

I'm taping these things back to back this morning. The only JAMC I have not committed to tape yet. Need them on tape because I'm going to be playing these a lot.

Ghostchase 02.11.2012 01:50 PM


Torn Curtain 02.11.2012 03:15 PM

Converge - Grim heart-black rose

Torn Curtain 02.11.2012 03:26 PM

Sun Ra - Lanquidity

Pelle 02.11.2012 05:28 PM


hirsute_biped 02.12.2012 01:59 AM

these guys have been on hiatus for a while, promising a return this year. i believe in them. obscure small town/outlier city dudes with presence in the cassette world branching out to wider vistas

these dudes are kinda the elder statesmen of that scene, on hiatus for now:

i may have posted some of this before, i forget, but you need it

stu666 02.12.2012 01:29 PM


Ghostchase 02.12.2012 07:41 PM


Versus are my new obsession. They live up to their name for sure, give Burma a run for their money. The girl in the group, Fontaine Toups, plays bass, sings, and is beautiful. Love

Pelle 02.12.2012 08:04 PM

Excision - Dubstep Summer Mix 2006

stu666 02.13.2012 07:27 AM


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