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Ghostchase 02.06.2012 03:46 PM

"We watched her fall over and lay down
Shouting the poetic truths
Of high school journal keepers
Row house, row house pass thru
Let the city rise up
Twister, dust buster, hospital bed
I'll see you see you see you on the highway
Now we tone-soul merge ideas
Of song forms and freedom
Miss Seafood, Miss Cheesecake
A couple of Miss Donuts
The edge of a blade pressed to the throat
Of your reflected image
Poised, yet totally screwed up
Yes sir, yes sir, step right up

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stu666 02.06.2012 06:25 PM


stu666 02.07.2012 09:28 AM


krastian 02.07.2012 01:16 PM

SYR 1, 2, and 3

stu666 02.07.2012 02:26 PM


Genteel Death 02.07.2012 02:38 PM

the ikara cult 02.07.2012 02:46 PM


Pookie 02.07.2012 03:49 PM

Can I just say...WOW!

EVOLghost 02.07.2012 04:44 PM


Originally Posted by louder
Murray Street >

I dunno about that.....

EVOLghost 02.07.2012 04:45 PM


Originally Posted by gmku

ha. so you realized you were wrong?

EDIT: like ikara said. I Love You Golden Blue is beautiful and also Drippin' Dream. fuck.

keep poppin pimples 02.07.2012 08:27 PM


stu666 02.07.2012 08:30 PM


Genteel Death 02.08.2012 05:42 AM


Originally Posted by Pookie
Can I just say...WOW!

I think the other two tracks on the EP work well because the one I posted on Youtube is amazing. They would be just ok by themselves.

Genteel Death 02.08.2012 08:41 AM

This sounds like Joe Meek invented Joy Division. Joe Division? Yeah mang, gimme some of that Outlaws shit!!

Murmer99 02.08.2012 01:06 PM

I was just listening to Joe Meek - I Hear a New World the other day. I think it's fantastic... I've been meaning to check out his other stuff.


J531FN 02.08.2012 01:19 PM


Pelle 02.08.2012 01:53 PM


gmku 02.08.2012 06:41 PM

Recently... Spacemen 3 ~ Perfect Prescription and Performance; Jesus and Mary Chain ~ Darklands and Honey's Dead; Serena Maneesh ~ Abyss in B Minor and s/t.

gmku 02.08.2012 07:17 PM

Right now... The Jesus and Mary Chain ~ Automatic

On the CD I bought way back in 1989. Well, what can ya do. Nostalgic sigh.

I've seen the reissued LP in the stores, but I have trouble springing for what I already own in another format. Besides the CD has two extra tracks.

I don't know why everyone puts this one down. I think it's damned good.

gmku 02.08.2012 07:22 PM

Bytor, you know yr bottom 2 signature images go real well with the JAMC I'm playing right now. I'm guessing they go well with almost any music one would play.

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