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chrome noise tape 04.09.2011 01:47 AM


me. 04.09.2011 10:32 AM


Pelle 04.09.2011 12:16 PM

Weather Report - Teen Town

EVOLghost 04.09.2011 12:28 PM


Originally Posted by floatingslowly

o, sweet lawd, can't wait for tuesday. it's good to be alive.

Is that their new one?
They were here on Tuesday, but I didn't go :(. I had to choose between Lightning Bolt or Raveonettes(whom I already saw2.1 times and even got totake pics with)

Torn Curtain 04.09.2011 02:32 PM

Anna Calvi - Desire (Jools Holland)

diegobra 04.09.2011 04:05 PM

Sun City Girls - Black Orchid

SpaceCadetHayden 04.09.2011 04:30 PM


chrome noise tape 04.09.2011 04:39 PM


Meyamo 04.10.2011 01:20 AM

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Torn Curtain 04.10.2011 03:47 AM

The Cure - Paris, France, Olympia, 1982-07-06 (from dime)

easyrazors 04.10.2011 04:02 AM

Anna Calvi. It's great. Almost Morricone in parts.

Pelle 04.10.2011 11:17 AM

Acid Mothers Temple - Pink lady lemonade - youre so sweet

krastian 04.10.2011 12:56 PM


Pelle 04.10.2011 03:40 PM

Grateful Dead - touch of grey

Dr. Eugene Felikson 04.11.2011 12:37 AM


stu666 04.11.2011 01:36 AM


xander harris - urban gothic

sonic sphere 04.11.2011 05:28 AM


Dr. Eugene Felikson 04.11.2011 05:40 AM


pad_023 04.11.2011 05:45 AM


The BBC version of Purr is great, the semi acoustic guitar makes this better than the album version in my opinion.

Pelle 04.11.2011 07:31 AM

Spinning my copy of Simon Werner A Disparu LP! :)

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