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Dr. Eugene Felikson 03.09.2011 05:33 PM



keep poppin pimples 03.09.2011 05:35 PM


Dr. Eugene Felikson 03.09.2011 08:08 PM


Torn Curtain 03.10.2011 05:29 AM

Warpaint - The fool

sonic sphere 03.10.2011 09:11 AM


Torn Curtain 03.10.2011 09:35 AM

Cocteau Twins - 1985-01-29 Hamburg, Germany, Markthalle FM (from dime)

keep poppin pimples 03.10.2011 04:07 PM


Dr. Eugene Felikson 03.10.2011 05:02 PM


Thank you Avril. :)

SYRFox 03.10.2011 05:07 PM


the ikara cult 03.10.2011 10:41 PM

The Shadow Ring

The bet band of the last 20 years

stu666 03.11.2011 02:21 AM


Torn Curtain 03.11.2011 05:24 AM

Prefuse 73 - The Only Hand To Hold (feat. Shara Worden)

Mortte Jousimo 03.11.2011 05:57 AM


Originally Posted by sonic sphere

Alice at his best! Also Schoolīs Out and Welcome to my nightmare is as great records! Itīs not a long time I listened Constrictor. Itīs ok, but not even near of his great seventies albums.

sonic sphere 03.11.2011 07:01 AM


Derek 03.11.2011 12:32 PM


The cover art ("Pogo the Clown #15" / "Skull Clown #171") was painted by
infamous serial killer-cannibal-pedophile-necrophile John Wayne Gacy while he
was in prison.

keep poppin pimples 03.11.2011 01:00 PM


noisereductions 03.11.2011 01:02 PM


Originally Posted by Dr. Eugene Felikson

Thank you Avril. :)

so how is it? What's yr review?

jimbrim 03.11.2011 01:05 PM


Dr. Eugene Felikson 03.11.2011 03:14 PM


Originally Posted by noisereductions
so how is it? What's yr review?


Originally Posted by Dr. Eugene Felikson

Thank you Avril. :)

^ That's the review.


Originally Posted by halfeatencake

You must spread some Reputation around before giving it to halfeatencake again.

Me? I'm just listening to Big Black - Atomizer.

loubarret 03.11.2011 03:48 PM


Originally Posted by stu666

Can you hit me up with a link to that stu? You will recive endless love for it


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