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Sonic Youth 37 04.29.2008 08:51 PM

Soon to be:


krastian 04.29.2008 10:24 PM


Originally Posted by Everyneurotic
black mayonnaise - tssattssr


Everyneurotic 04.29.2008 10:41 PM

yeah, very awesome.

right now:


for some reason it reminds me of stereolab minus the frenchness.

batreleaser 04.29.2008 11:16 PM

hhaha, deerhunter is kinda like a non french stereolab, but i also for some reason here like an ambient cramps when i listen to them, which is probably why i dig them so much.

today ive listened too:
neil young-on the beach, tonights the night
daniel menche-drunk gods, eyes on the steel
franciso lopez-addy en pais de las frutas y los chunches, live in san fran
deep wound-s/t
boris-smile (dont know what i think of it so far)
jim o rourke-im happy and im singing a 1,2,3,4.
suicidal tendencies-prime cuts

right now, im watching the karate kid

Torn Curtain 04.30.2008 04:07 AM

The Nels Cline Singers - 2007-12-05, Safari Sam's, West Hollywood, CA (from dime)

jon boy 04.30.2008 04:16 AM

weather report - chris watson

gmku 04.30.2008 06:24 AM

Sun Ra and his Arkestra - The Magic City

sonic sphere 04.30.2008 08:35 AM

iggy & the stooges-metallic k.o.

sarramkrop 04.30.2008 09:17 AM

Maurizio Bianchi

sonic sphere 04.30.2008 09:39 AM

lord finesse-return of the funky man

gohleekwang 04.30.2008 10:02 AM


sonic sphere 04.30.2008 10:28 AM

can-live '71-'77

Torn Curtain 04.30.2008 11:47 AM

The DÝ - A mouthful

Torn Curtain 04.30.2008 11:55 AM


Originally Posted by sonic sphere
can-live '71-'77

Is it good ? The record seems to be out-of-print.

stu666 04.30.2008 12:03 PM


Sonic Youth 37 04.30.2008 12:03 PM


After this I might listen to some long neglected SY live shows.

sarramkrop 04.30.2008 12:05 PM

This Will Destroy You




Mademe P



Gregor Samsa


Graffen Volder


Le Singe Blanc

bischiz 04.30.2008 05:29 PM

Saw New Zealand band 'Mint Chicks'
the other day.

Sonic Youth 37 04.30.2008 07:50 PM


Dead-Air 04.30.2008 08:10 PM

"Bread and Wine" by Peter Gabriel from Passion

batreleaser 04.30.2008 08:11 PM

right now:
fred frith-eye to ear
its a collection released by tzadik that collects allot the music hes recorded for various films, and its fucking brilliant

ive also been heavily getting into boris's smile, its not as heavy as their other records but i love the 70s psych rock influence thats theyre introducing to their sound.

neil young has been gettin lots of play as well.

new portishead is incredible, best thing theyve ever done.

Everyneurotic 05.01.2008 01:12 AM


spiral architect - a sceptic's universe.

it's progtastic.

before it was experimental dental school - jane doe loves me, a fucking grower that hasn't entirely blossomed for me but it's getting there.

fugazifan 05.01.2008 01:29 AM

alvarious b- blood operatives of the barium sunset

sarramkrop 05.01.2008 06:15 AM

Yura Yura Teikoku

█████████ 05.01.2008 06:34 AM

i think i'm goign to put on the scenic cd i bougth the other day

sarramkrop 05.01.2008 06:52 AM




sonic sphere 05.01.2008 09:05 AM


Originally Posted by Torn Curtain
Is it good ? The record seems to be out-of-print.

yeah it's pretty good all right-it's got some great jamming on it and a really extended version of halleluwah! i've got it on double cd, i think it was originally part of of the can box set

fugazifan 05.01.2008 09:17 AM

king crimson-in the court...
other than 21st century... the first side is pretty weak

sonic sphere 05.01.2008 09:32 AM

de la soul-3 feet high & rising

Everyneurotic 05.01.2008 09:36 AM

asva - what you don't know is frontier

sonic sphere 05.01.2008 10:24 AM

iggy pop-tv eye 1977 live

seni 05.01.2008 12:10 PM

I haven't been able to stop listening to James Brown these last couple weeks. It's like crack.

Everyneurotic 05.01.2008 12:12 PM

listened to:

curl up and die - unfortunately we're not robots

and now:

erik satie - complete piano works volume 4

Rob Instigator 05.01.2008 01:14 PM

the newest sea & Cake

stu666 05.01.2008 01:17 PM

Aphex Twin
Live at Coachella
April 25, 2008

(from dime)

PAULYBEE2656 05.01.2008 03:09 PM

the redneck manifesto- 36 strings....

Dead-Air 05.01.2008 09:16 PM

"Speed Trials" by Elliott Smith from Either/Or

Sonic Youth 37 05.01.2008 11:51 PM


Bowery Electric-S/T

Dead-Air 05.01.2008 11:53 PM

"The Birth and Death of the Day (Jesu Mix)" by Explosions In The Sky from All Of A Sudden I Miss Everyone

Torn Curtain 05.02.2008 04:36 AM

Portishead - Third

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