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simibaby 08.13.2006 06:48 PM

"Stones" and Neil Young's "Ragged Glory"
If you're familiar w/ Neil's song "Love and Only Love" from "Ragged.." , u can tell that "Stones" from "Sonic Nurse" has the EXACT same riff thruout. Wonder if it was a deliberate kind of (tribute)? to the great Neil. It's soooo obvious . Interesting, too, that both songs are the 5th cut on their respective albums.

Chris Lawrence 08.13.2006 07:34 PM

track 5 on RG is 'love to burn'. 'love and only love' is track 9. i was obsessed with that bassline for a while. are you referring to all of the non Em/A parts of LAOL sounding like 'stones' though?

simibaby 08.13.2006 09:30 PM

Thanks for the correction, Chris and.....yes!

greenlight 08.14.2006 06:02 PM

i'd like to hear that neil's song

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