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Inhuman 10.03.2007 10:28 PM

Kid A, because of all the Radiohead talk.

Norma J - Nice, T(I)NC are great. Dennis is a really affectionate guy
gmku - I have yet to see a blue vinyl!
Everyneurotic - I've really been digging MF Doom myself lately. Perfect for on-the-bus music
Zeduis - Just give it a few more listens. You might like it more. I'm hooked.

Everyneurotic 10.03.2007 10:37 PM

i love doom, love his delivery; i'm going to check out grimm as i really like the one i was listening to.



Inhuman 10.03.2007 10:52 PM



Everyneurotic 10.03.2007 10:56 PM

funny, i listened to ruins' pallaschtom a couple of hours ago.

Norma J 10.03.2007 11:42 PM

Tim Rogers: The Luxury of Hysteria.

king_buzzo 10.04.2007 01:55 AM



sonic sphere 10.04.2007 09:42 AM

the brian jonestown massacre-give it back

zedius 10.04.2007 09:47 AM

Ohgr - Minus live

Sheriff Rhys Chatham 10.04.2007 09:52 AM

Music on myspace becuz I don't have dial-up any more!!!

Inhuman 10.04.2007 09:57 AM

Brothers Of The Occult Sisterhood

-love Rob-

Savage Clone 10.04.2007 10:16 AM

Taj Mahal Travellers - Stockholm July 1971

Everyneurotic 10.04.2007 12:04 PM

taj mahal traveller rule!!!!


still life - from angry heads with skyward eyes

waltercarson 10.04.2007 05:09 PM

v/a "a thousand colors blaze"
jessica rylan - "interior designs"
don cherry - "symphony for improvisers"

gmku 10.04.2007 05:16 PM

Bitches Brew by Miles Davis.

Teenage Head by The Flamin Groovies.

Mahoney's Last Stand by Ronnie Wood and Ron Lane.

Hoarmoaning by Nirvana.

In an Aeroplane Over the Sea by youknowwho.

Will post pix later.

All on LP.

gmku 10.04.2007 05:25 PM

Oh, well, and Abbey Road. You know that one?

LittlePuppetBoy 10.04.2007 07:51 PM

B -52s- s/t

Savage Clone 10.04.2007 09:37 PM


youthoftomorrow 10.04.2007 11:06 PM



the breaks.

break it up
break it up
break it uuuup.

jon boy 10.05.2007 03:43 AM

violence beyond the snowline.

sonicl 10.05.2007 03:45 AM

This morning:

Grant Hart - Good News For The Modern Man
Haunted House - Haunted House
Kristin Hersh - The Holy Single

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