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DemonBox 04.24.2006 01:46 PM

I'm listening to:
The Thing - Garage
Gun Club - some dodgy bootlegs
Palisades - first EP
Elliott Smith - Elliott Smith
John Coltrane - Giant Steps

krastian 04.24.2006 02:53 PM

moe.-Warts and All Vol. 2

PAULYBEE2656 04.24.2006 03:09 PM

16 bitch pile up!!!

my sig says it all....

sonikold 04.24.2006 04:16 PM

hi-posi- 4n5

this is the silliest thing i've listened to in a while. japanese electro lounge ska?


hat and beard 04.24.2006 04:56 PM

Embryo & No Neck Blues Band...
highly enjoyable. recommended to those who liked qvaris

from aquarius records

The weird thing about this wonderfully weird collaboration, between NYC's premier avant free folk tribalists and legendary German progrock/krautrock combo Embryo, is that it doesn't sound all that different from what we might have expected a new NNCK record to sound like. Not sure what that says, either the two groups were absolutely perfectly in sync, or NNCK are masterful channellers of classic Krautrock jams, or NNCK stole everything they know from Embryo and their sonic brethren, or Embryo are the true masters, aligning themselves with the manic primal tribal sound of NNCK's percussive rituals. Hardly mattters, whichever way you slice it, this record is stunning. Dense and lush, and packed solid with strange and wonderfuls sounds, tribal rhythms, chimes, woodblocks, drum kit, hand drums, hand claps, all sorts of buzzing strings, what sounds like sitars and harpsichords and autoharps, woodwinds, flutes and recorders, and vocals, an impossible array of chanting and moaning, gargling, mumbling, humming, whistling and singing in tongues. Dreamy super melodic grooves give way to full on Wicker Man pagan insanity which further gives way to some clattery free jazz minimalism but always returning to that transcendental tribalism we just can't get enough of. If Embryo add anything to the mix, it's a warmth and melodicism that sometimes seems to be missing from a a lot of the more abstract NNNCK jams. Folks who dug NNCK's recent Qvaris will most certainly find this to their liking as it sounds like a much more dense, much more melodic, much more vibrant exploration and expansion of the songs on that record. And we LOVED that record, so that should tell you something! The more we listen to these songs, the more we think it might not be such a bad idea for this NNCK / Embryo hybrid to just BE the new NNCK, those No Neck guys ought to just ask those Embryo guys to join the band, what the hell, the more the merrier, and judging from this one time jam, the thought of these guys moving forward aas a single unit, and actively exploring the realms of inner and outer musical space, is almost too much for us to handle.

Phlegmscope 04.24.2006 05:17 PM

Drunks with Guns - S/t

golden child 04.24.2006 06:21 PM


Katy 04.25.2006 04:33 AM

I'm listening to the sound of my stomach gurgling.

But I WISH I were listening to 16 Bitch Pile-Up...

terminal pharmacy 04.25.2006 05:14 AM

johnny cash live at san quentin

RdTv 04.25.2006 06:58 AM

right now is "elegy" by Thurston Moore some other stuff would be: John Zorn - Taboo Exile Musical Romance Volume 2
Radiohead - Kid A
and some other stuff

Everyneurotic 04.25.2006 09:37 AM





(yeah, i'm on a jazz kick)

radiohead - 1997-Aug-20 Congress Center, Ottawa Canada


and a live version of we're an american band by yo la tengo for like 50 times in a row

Everyneurotic 04.25.2006 09:39 AM

just a moment ago:


and right now:


Grete 04.25.2006 09:50 AM

Led Zeppelin III

HairwayToSteven 04.25.2006 12:19 PM


Trasher02 04.25.2006 12:21 PM


Inhuman 04.25.2006 01:11 PM

Ooh nice, Sunn0))), I'm doing a graphics design project on them at this very moment. I have yet to hear some 16 bitch pile up. I'll check them out tonight.

I'm listening to people typing, I wish I had my discman with my SY atrac CD with 8 albums...

Trasher02 04.25.2006 01:21 PM

Just Finished reading a cool article about sunn 0))) makes me wanna buy all the albums

Daycare Nation 04.25.2006 07:02 PM

I'm listening to Sonic Youth. Wow! How original.

samuel 04.25.2006 07:36 PM


Originally Posted by Daycare Nation
I'm listening to Sonic Youth. Wow! How original.


I'm listening to a cricket chirp.

Sheriff Rhys Chatham 04.25.2006 07:40 PM

my favorite nirvana bootleg

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