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_DK 06.18.2007 09:42 AM

Sonic Youth in Moscow 1989!! (Lots of unpublished pics)
Here it is!

Danny Himself 06.18.2007 09:51 AM

Already posted here- but thanks, these pictures are amazing.

Miss Pornstar 06.18.2007 09:58 AM

They look YOUNG(er)!!!!




screamingskull 06.18.2007 11:52 AM

Thurston and Lee both look GREAT in those pictures!

scott v 06.18.2007 03:44 PM


Wow Great Pics!
Lee w/ only 3 effects pedals! heh... those were the days.
looks like a crybaby wah, and the other 2??? one looks defintly like a Boss (maybe the compressor listed on Chris Lawerence's Gear Site) maybe the Digitech 2 second delay/looper is the otherone, i don't know what the Fender delay he was know to be playing back then looks like as its hard to come by these days) and wow looks to be no distortion or overdrive boxes... they must've relied purely on the amps to do this, because in those other photos it appears Thurston doesn't use any pedals, but then there isn't any photos that clearly show the portion of the stage where they would be except maybe this one:


which is another great shot of him playing the eterna guitar and in the background at stageside the line of guitars, most of which were probably stolen in 1999...

_DK 06.18.2007 04:14 PM

They didn't bring their own amps for those gigs due to flight expences.

Chris Lawrence 06.18.2007 08:19 PM

i hadn't seen the other link, so thanks a ton for posting these! very exciting piece of history. :)

scott v 06.19.2007 12:07 PM

I can only imagine how it was to lug around just all the guitars and the few effects over there at that time... it would make complete sense that those were not their amps.

_DK 06.19.2007 06:32 PM

There's a funny story in that LJ post there about someone from the crown throwing a beer can at Kim (without any offense) and Thurston getting mad and hitting someone from the crown in the face with...then there's a short fight with some Moscow rednecks...and as there was no security at that show, some dudes who were in charge there tried protecting the band. The show continued on successfully later on...
The review is pretty interesting, too bad it's not in English. The guy is comparing that show to somewhat like Sex Pistols in Manchester with many important people there and how very few of them are alive now.

GrungeMonkey 06.20.2007 09:13 AM

Great pictures, thanks.

purplebumblebee 06.23.2007 12:59 PM

savage amazing photos, love the black and white!

Protectmeyou 06.30.2007 08:41 AM


Originally Posted by _DK
They didn't bring their own amps for those gigs due to flight expences.

you sure about that?

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