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Genteel Death 12.25.2009 05:50 PM

Your favourite Facebook/Twitter status updates
Quote them, list them, name the authors etc.

Derek 12.25.2009 05:54 PM


youthoftomorrow 12.25.2009 07:58 PM

"Epic Hangover Check Sheet: Profuse vomiting, check. Splitting headache, check. Blurred/missing memories of the night before, check. Waking up in a strange place, check. Waking up in someone else's clothing, check. Friend angry at you for vomiting in his car, check (bonus points awarded for requiring professional cleaning). Bent glasses, check (bonus points awarded for being covered in vomit). Regret, check."

jennthebenn 12.25.2009 08:57 PM

From Patrick, the absolute greatest status update in FB history:

i had a continuous dream this morning of being in new york city, on top of a building in midtown looking at the Chrysler Building and the Empire State Building and they looked 3 times the height they actually are, like well over 1 Km high at least, and spent much of the dream making my way to the Chrysler Building and up... it, to have Tabbouleh in a food court with a girl i used to know from elementary school then...passing by a a flea market of cheap trinkets shaped like dogs and wanting to go to a museum of Turtles which turned out to be closed

the dream that preceded it was of being in a parking garage on like the 8th floor waiting to see if it was above an oncoming tsunami, a reoccurring theme, the tsunami that is

the last dream was being at home ... See More thinking of where i'd rather be, and thinking of places which seemed real but existed in others dreams i have had, escaping from being gassed wanting to to go to a water park, there is so much water themes in these thoughts, i wonder is it because i am a water sign, always a water representation, tsunamis, killer whales suspended in an endless waterfall emanating from nowhere, aquariums, beaches, just blue, clear blue

Genteel Death 12.25.2009 11:33 PM

Louis: be careful of reading health books. You may die of a misprint

EVOLghost 12.26.2009 12:54 AM

^ haha.

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