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GrungeMonkey 02.17.2009 05:49 PM

John Fahey's Art?
Anyone got any links to where I can find more images of Fahey's visual art? Im digging the new SY cover, and want to see more!

atsonicpark 02.17.2009 06:02 PM

For information about Fahey's paintings, including price list write to Edwin Pouncey, c/o The Wire.


atsonicpark 02.17.2009 06:03 PM

OH, the recent reissue of the mill pond ep (which is an experimental ep from Fahey and sounds more like Stars of the Lid or something than the sound usually associated with Fahey) has a booklet of his paintings, collected for the first time.

GrungeMonkey 02.18.2009 06:25 AM

oh ok cool, thanks!

The Lung 02.18.2009 07:39 AM

There's 4 if you scroll down this link:

Not as good as the one atsonicpark posted though. There's usually artwork of some sort in the cd booklets

There's also plenty of stuff to be found on his website:

Genteel Death 11.18.2019 10:17 AM


Originally Posted by TerryLewis
The Importantrecords link is not working anymore. Does anyone have any other resources where I can find Fahey's artworks? The guy on DeviantArt (user id @TsaoShin) told me there's a fan portal but I cannot find it anywhere.

Sorry for reviving the topic.

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