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Rob Instigator 04.03.2006 10:53 AM

Hi everyone. I recorded these clips a year or so ago on Sebadoh's acoustic tour. It was fucking great. I finally uploade them to
so here they are. enjoy and let me know what you think!

SEBADOH - "Careful"

SEBADOH - "Lou's Story"

SEBADOH - "On Fire"

SEBADOH - "Jason's story"

themawt71 04.03.2006 01:35 PM

thanks rob. careful is such a great song. makes me think of my girlfriend in tenth grade.

along with yr stuff there was a video of poledo. it says dinosaur and its just lou on the uke. wonder if this is from the recent tour or from the past

Rob Instigator 04.03.2006 04:17 PM

Come on Guys! I have been dying to share these with you! someone else watch em!! he is a passive aggressive motherfucker!

John Violence 04.03.2006 05:53 PM

Thanks. Careful is one of my favorite Sebadoh songs.

schizophrenicroom 04.03.2006 10:20 PM

I love you!

hey alex 04.03.2006 10:39 PM

OMG This is awesome!!!


hey alex 04.03.2006 10:53 PM

"i to try and wanted kiss her that night. But it wasn't going happen. It never happened, you know. So I wrote a really mean song about her."

I've done that before. O yea!

krastian 04.03.2006 11:03 PM

Hey thanks.

Rob Instigator 04.04.2006 11:54 AM

I have no idea why the audio and video are not in sync here.
they were so fucking funny. Houston loves them some sebadoh

_tunic_ 01.13.2019 04:54 AM

this post is filed under the category "better late than never" :D

Very cool vids Rob, but the 4th link isn't working. Was there ever a 4th video? Did you by any chance record the full show or only these bits?

In 2011 I saw Sebadoh for the very first time in Doornroosje (which translates to Sleeping Beauty in English) in Nijmegen Netherlands, one of my favourite venues which sadly no longer exists, at least not in the same building. And apparently it's also a fave for these guys. This was for "the bakesale/harmacy remembering time tour". Until then I was just a casual fan, and there were too many songs I didn't like (the too lo-fi first albums especially) to get to really like the songs that I did like. And I would often skip many of Jason's songs because I preferred Lou's. I thought that Sebadoh was just a hobby project for Lou while he was away from Dinosaur Jr. Boy oh boy how wrong I was. After this night my viewpoint changed 560 degrees. Wow so many great songs, every song they played was brilliant even Jason's.

I taped that night as usual, but accidentally directly to mp3. So it never ended up on Dime, and that's a true shame because it was a blast from start to finish. And apparently I also never posted about it here, at least I don't find any reference on it on this board. But it is shared on at

And here's also a WeTransfer link, because that site's UI is a bit crappy and outdated

So go get it, you won't regret. For an unmastered untouched recording it sounds very good. I'm listening to it right now for the first time in like 5 years. I saw them a couple more times since then, the tapes of that have been shared on Dime. But it never was as awesomely awesome as this night.

_tunic_ 01.13.2019 05:05 AM

oh hey, I never saw this song! and it's been on Bandcamp for four years:


In honor of Rush's 40th anniversary as Canada's best band, Sebadoh are releasing a cover of the classic song "Limelight". This is not a joke.

released June 2, 2015

Rob Instigator 01.14.2019 09:04 AM

I gotta spread the rep

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