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PAULYBEE2656 06.01.2008 12:53 PM


greedrex 06.01.2008 12:56 PM

an amazing live performance by Shellac on WNUR in 2005

Torn Curtain 06.01.2008 02:51 PM

Glenn Gould - Bach, The well-tempered clavier Book II

marleypumpkin 06.01.2008 04:18 PM


Torn Curtain 06.01.2008 04:53 PM

Cocteau Twins - Treasure

Derek 06.01.2008 04:57 PM


fauni gena 06.01.2008 06:59 PM


Everyneurotic 06.01.2008 09:54 PM

i like everything posted in this page so far besides that orb album and glenn gould, both of which i'm not familiar with.

DNAINTHEDNA 06.01.2008 10:16 PM


Originally Posted by Derek

great record

gmku 06.01.2008 10:58 PM


Originally Posted by PAULYBEE2656

Ohhh, YESSS....

fauni gena 06.02.2008 01:05 AM





uhler 06.02.2008 02:27 AM

i've just listened to wishing well by love is all (actually watched the video) about ten times now. i think it's bed time.

Torn Curtain 06.02.2008 02:44 AM

The Nels Cline Singers
Wed 2007-12-05
Safari Sam's
West Hollywood, CA

(from dime)

Torn Curtain 06.02.2008 03:32 AM

Laura Veirs - Year of meteors

sarramkrop 06.02.2008 03:57 AM


Originally Posted by greedrex
show off / poser
i'm shit at uploading shit to rapidshare whatever
i can put that on my

that's the best i can do for u
i know at least u and Heckler would like this
it's not as if it's gonna be lossless or anything
can't be bothered with flac
u tell me and i'll PM u too or anybody else who's into Pavement action
take care

I don't even like Pavement that much, you know? I don't have soulseek 'cause I don't use it. Nevermind, I'm sure that I can score it elsewhere. Thanks anyway.

sonic sphere 06.02.2008 05:05 AM

indigo jones-no smoking

PAULYBEE2656 06.02.2008 06:53 AM


nicfit 06.02.2008 06:57 AM

sonic sphere 06.02.2008 08:09 AM

love-four sail

gohleekwang 06.02.2008 08:49 AM



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