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sonic sphere 02.03.2009 04:21 PM

ramones-end of the century

HaydenAsche 02.03.2009 04:36 PM

I Wouldn't Care If You Were Prostitutin
That You Hit Every Man That You Ever Knew
See It Wouldnt Make A Difference
If That Was Way Before Me And You Girl
See You Dont Ever Have To Worry About Me
As Long As You Keep It Real
Whatevers On Yo Mind
Speak On How You Feel
Stay Truthful to Me
And Never Lie To Me
And Dont Ever Keep No Secrets
Dont Matter Wutever Uh Uh..
Girl You Kno Wut I Mean Yea
Well If Ya Dont Then Ill Explain

acousticrock87 02.03.2009 07:40 PM


noisereductions 02.03.2009 08:04 PM


so fcking good

gohleekwang 02.03.2009 08:56 PM

live recording of my concert last evening.

uhler 02.03.2009 10:35 PM

nog watt- "big warning, big mistake"

deflinus 02.03.2009 10:45 PM


Death & the Maiden 02.04.2009 01:54 AM

Boris - Smile

acousticrock87 02.04.2009 02:20 AM


sonic sphere 02.04.2009 06:48 AM


greedrex 02.04.2009 06:54 AM

^^^THIS is a masterpiece.

Florya 02.04.2009 07:45 AM

I love free music!

Ivan from 'Narrow' and 'Umrijeti za Strojem' sent me aload of goodies today completely out of the blue.

Currently listening to 'Napunjeno Vrijime' from the first 3" CD

There's some other stuff by a band called 'FoF' which is more guitar based.

All sounds excellent so far.

Unfortunately I have no clue what they're singing about 'cos it's all in Croatian.

Florya 02.04.2009 07:55 AM

It just gets better and better!!

Listening to 'Odlazak' by Umrijeti za Strojem.


noisereductions 02.04.2009 08:06 AM


[Sandbag] 02.04.2009 08:14 AM


Youth_Against_Facism 02.04.2009 08:21 AM


greedrex 02.04.2009 09:14 AM


sonic sphere 02.04.2009 10:53 AM

sonic youth-EVOL

Disgruntled Youth 02.04.2009 11:02 AM

My latest Latin Jazz/Salsa mix

ricechex 02.04.2009 12:09 PM

The re-master deluxe edition, which did not come with liner notes from the band as it said it would. The remastering sounds great tho..


sonic sphere 02.04.2009 12:33 PM

the verve-a northern soul

Derek 02.04.2009 12:41 PM


Antagon 02.04.2009 12:56 PM

Palais Schaumburg - Kinder der Tod

sonic sphere 02.04.2009 03:32 PM

the warlocks-surgery

al shabbray 02.04.2009 03:37 PM


greedrex 02.04.2009 03:40 PM

^ha yeah!!

RdTv 02.04.2009 04:18 PM


greedrex 02.04.2009 04:30 PM

Sonic Youth, 1998-06-20, Lorelei ( dime)


DeadDiscoDildo 02.04.2009 04:33 PM

Um, Lonnie Donegan!

MellySingsDoom 02.04.2009 04:43 PM


al shabbray 02.04.2009 04:46 PM

^^great choice

stu666 02.04.2009 06:10 PM

Teotihuacan - Live Smokeshows from Inside the Ciguri Cave Hazed Diamonds with Windswept Hair


Sonic Youth 37 02.04.2009 07:05 PM


atsonicpark 02.04.2009 07:06 PM

super roots 10

gohleekwang 02.04.2009 09:09 PM

super roots 10 - THANKS atsonicpark!

batreleaser 02.04.2009 10:36 PM

i got the ipod on shuffle right now, current track is neu-neucshness 78.

today i have also been digging on henry grimes' "solo", the first canned hamm record, the glamrocksampler album, lots of mick ronson, lots of todd rundgren, brain donor ( i had never heard this band before, its pretty damn good, makes me like cope more), cosmic jokers, and the groundhogs.

batreleaser 02.04.2009 10:36 PM

now, eyehategod-in the name of suffering

Dr. Eugene Felikson 02.04.2009 10:52 PM

Dead Air Fresheners - An Ulcer is a String of Pearls

HaydenAsche 02.04.2009 10:57 PM


ZEROpumpkins 02.04.2009 11:36 PM

Bitches Brew. Am after some more Jazz but I am broke.

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