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demonrail666 07.22.2008 04:04 AM


Cantankerous 07.22.2008 04:05 AM


i play real guitar

we are the road crew!!

demonrail666 07.22.2008 04:07 AM

"I'm drivin' like a maniac"

acousticrock87 07.22.2008 04:08 AM

I can't play air guitar. It's too frustrating not being able to feel the frets.

That's not even 100% a joke.

demonrail666 07.22.2008 04:09 AM


Originally Posted by acousticrock87
I can't play air guitar. It's too frustrating not being able to feel the frets.

That's not even 100% a joke.

I can't get my air guitar to stay in tune. a dodgy bridge I think.

Cantankerous 07.22.2008 04:10 AM

my air tremolo bar is fucked up. must fix that.

fire fire

demonrail666 07.22.2008 04:15 AM

mines a floyd rose. bastard to restring.

acousticrock87 07.22.2008 04:16 AM

Just for dr666.


"Oh, we must have whiskey, oh you know why!" Dun dun dun dun.

vegans4veal 07.22.2008 04:18 AM

Coil- the New Backwards


very loud.

demonrail666 07.22.2008 04:18 AM

The only thing i like by them is The End, and that's only cos it's in Apocalypse Now.

Death & the Maiden 07.22.2008 06:19 AM

Public Image Ltd - Metal Box

punkaspoo 07.22.2008 06:55 AM

Isebel's Pain - Psych -A-Go-Go

Derek 07.22.2008 07:03 AM


batreleaser 07.22.2008 08:32 AM

right now: black flag-the process of weeding out

pavement-slanted and enchanted
brainiac-electro shock for president
boris and keiji-black:implication flooding
pharoah sanders-priceless jazz collection

Torn Curtain 07.22.2008 10:32 AM

Codeine - The white birch

Everyneurotic 07.22.2008 10:32 AM


Originally Posted by uhler
goth clubs are funny. the one in tampa mostly just played depeche mode.

haaaaaa!!! my friends went because they wanted to see the darkies jammin' to dm, but they never played them. i kept yelling the dj to play the birthday party and soft cell, he never did either.


Originally Posted by demonrail666
mines a floyd rose. bastard to restring.

you have the 80's floyd rose shit? i have a nineties one which is much simpler and i stopped bothering to tighten the locks on the bridge about 8 years ago. too bad that guitar is broken.

also, you and cantank might like to know that i'm starting reading lemmy's book soon.



punkaspoo 07.22.2008 11:46 AM


gmku 07.22.2008 12:08 PM

Coupla compilation tapes I made a coupla years ago.

krastian 07.22.2008 12:16 PM


oh yes

stu666 07.22.2008 12:17 PM

Melvins - 9/22/04
40 Watt Club - Athens, GA

(from dime)

greedrex 07.22.2008 12:35 PM



Kosako 07.22.2008 12:41 PM


Originally Posted by chabib
ok. here's a thread in which to document yr aural addictions.

Hi Chris, I'm listening to SY's Bad Moon Rising at the moment. By the way, when is Sonic Youth coming to Argentina again, man?
See ya.

Torn Curtain 07.22.2008 03:43 PM

Patti Smith - Easter

viewtiful_alan 07.22.2008 03:43 PM


Good stuff even if the covers rarely diverge too far from the originals.
There is a fairly heavy sonic presence here (exclusive song, lee and steve playing on many tracks as members of the I'm not there house band of sorts, the million dollar bashers)

Sonic Youth 37 07.22.2008 07:15 PM


MellySingsDoom 07.22.2008 07:18 PM

"Strawberry Wine/Ecstasy" LP and 12" by My Bloody Valentine - haven't heard this in 19 years...and it still sounds gorgeous.

Derek 07.22.2008 07:27 PM

Beach House - Devotion

Danny Himself 07.22.2008 07:30 PM


A live bootleg of UK Hip Hop's only hope, Scroobius Pip. Too bad his DJ is shit.

Sheriff Rhys Chatham 07.22.2008 07:35 PM


Sonic Youth 37 07.22.2008 09:15 PM


blunderbuss 07.23.2008 03:50 AM


vegans4veal 07.23.2008 07:40 AM


Sound & Vision is possibly the most perfect pop song ever recorded.

demonrail666 07.23.2008 08:58 AM


This Is Not Here 07.23.2008 09:27 AM

Sonic Youth live in Battery Park

Danny Himself 07.23.2008 09:29 AM


Originally Posted by This Is Not Here
Sonic Youth live in Battery Park

they do?

This Is Not Here 07.23.2008 09:33 AM

Bahahahaha ha ha!!

Have a cookie.

marleypumpkin 07.23.2008 10:03 AM


batreleaser 07.23.2008 10:17 AM

the new mark stewart album: edit. as with most of his music, its absolutley fucking brilliant, and displays his wide influences perfectly.

due to the new mark stewart record ive been obsessed with, ive also been listenng to these:
the pop group-ys (duh)
maffia-jerusalem ep, learning to cope with cowardice
mark stewart-as the veneer of democracy begins to fade, metatron, kiss the future

the ceramic hobs-straight outa rampton, psychiatric underground, shergar is home safe and well
kylie minoise-junky erotica
pengo-a nervous splendor

krastian 07.23.2008 11:10 AM




A little morning Pocahaunted.

gmku 07.23.2008 11:15 AM


Originally Posted by Danny Himself
they do?

I hate the use of "live" like that. The recording isn't "live." The event is already past. "In concert," okay. "Appearing in," okay. But not "live."

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