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sonic sphere 04.24.2009 04:29 AM

snoop doggy dogg-tha doggfather

Youth_Against_Facism 04.24.2009 05:37 AM


Death & the Maiden 04.24.2009 07:03 AM

Boris - Absolutego

Youth_Against_Facism 04.24.2009 07:10 AM


sonic sphere 04.24.2009 07:44 AM

sonic youth-hold that tiger

afterthefact 04.24.2009 08:24 AM


Originally Posted by Kuwa_Slayne
The King Khan & BBQ Show - "What's For Dinner?"

I love King Khan, it's somewhat surrealistic; you'd think you were listening to poorly recorded 50's rock, until he throws in some cuss words or breaks out into punk.

noisereductions 04.24.2009 08:47 AM


Originally Posted by sonic sphere
sonic youth-hold that tiger

mmm. I love "The Official Big Black Reunion Song"

You must spread some Reputation around before giving it to sonic sphere again.

[Sandbag] 04.24.2009 09:31 AM

ok computer.

ive got the smell of a local man who's got the loneliest feeling

afterthefact 04.24.2009 09:42 AM

Deerhunter - Microcastle


Rob Instigator 04.24.2009 10:03 AM


afterthefact 04.24.2009 10:10 AM

Jon Madof - Rashanim


Rob Instigator 04.24.2009 10:11 AM

I wish I was listening to this

Dead-Air 04.24.2009 10:12 AM

Sunn O))) with Boris - Altar

batreleaser 04.24.2009 11:28 AM


rotten piece-i like short songs
german oak-german oak
cock esp/ovo-split
ayler-withces and devils
braxton-creative orchestra music 72
ashnav-a monument to british rock
impractical cockpit-to be treated
los llamarada-the exploding now
aufgehoben-anne fauve (riot season)
slicing grandpa-greatest hits
thee hyrdogen terrors-s/t
harry partch-the harry partch colectio 1950-55
high rise-psychedelic speed freaks
the kinks-the village green preservation society
brotzzman sextet and quartet-nipples
pharoah sanders-journey to the one
majik markers-thee magik markers
xrin arms-disappearing stabl
roy harper-sophisticated beggar

pulled another adderal induced all nighter last night, as you can see, listened to shitloads of awesome music.

atsonicpark 04.24.2009 11:33 AM

the residents - god in 3 persons
renaldo and the loaf - fib'n'fin'n'fac ep
lustmord - the dark places of the earth
rhys chatham - an angel moves too fast to see
florence foster-jenkins - the glory of human voice
mark prindle - keep on zaccin' (songs inspired by the hallucinatory drug "prozac")
car commercials - jar
mark prindle - nature's smelly ass
natural snow buildings - entire discography and related side projects
william basinski - 92982
warmth - warmth
warmth - our plague
warmth - original
warmth - leave your wet brain in the hot sun
warmth - in the illuminated corners
warmth - i'm so haunted i can't live
warmth - debbie downer and we all follow
warmth - i'm not bothered
warmth - death as a young child
warmth - changing light patterns of the underwater forest
roxanne jean polise - we're alright
roxanne jean polise - warm legs/carnival
roxanne jean polise - thought pattern not well worn
roxanne jean polise - they don't go unnoticed
roxanne jean polise - pine apparition
roxanne jean polise - off path on time
roxanne jean polise - nice hands

Sonic Youth 37 04.24.2009 11:35 AM


sonic sphere 04.24.2009 11:53 AM

sonic youth-murray street demos

atsonicpark 04.24.2009 12:00 PM

Looking for hard, fast, casual encounter - w4m - 21
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Date: 2009-02-11, 1:09PM EST

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noisereductions 04.24.2009 12:49 PM


Originally Posted by Rob Instigator
I wish I was listening to this


who recorded this? or is it a comp?

atsonicpark 04.24.2009 12:51 PM

I'm listening to "i got my rep than a rep convention"

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