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noisereductions 12.15.2008 08:06 AM

Hole - MTV Unplugged bootleg

Pookie 12.15.2008 08:53 AM


noisereductions 12.15.2008 09:13 AM


Originally Posted by Pookie


sonic sphere 12.15.2008 09:33 AM

the west coast pop art experimental band-part one

nicfit 12.15.2008 11:20 AM



stu666 12.15.2008 11:24 AM

what's that nic?

nicfit 12.15.2008 11:29 AM

new MoRkObOt: "MoRtO", limited edition, 500 silkscreened copies handmade by the guys known as Malleus (supernaturalcat label guys) with 180gr Lp + "free" cd. AAAAAAAAAAUGH, it's a trip. A heavy one.

sonic sphere 12.15.2008 11:47 AM

iggy & the stooges-head on

Savage Clone 12.15.2008 11:47 AM

Nicfit, that package is gorgeous.

nicfit 12.15.2008 11:50 AM


Originally Posted by Savage Clone
Nicfit, that package is gorgeous.

It sure is, that's why I thought it was worth to be "shared" on here. (p.s. : hi there!)

Dunno if it's much obvious, but the inside is "black on black" (thus the "light" showing bits of the design more or less noticeable) and the "gray" on the outisde is somewhat silver-ish.

Savage Clone 12.15.2008 11:54 AM

Black on black is always very class.

Toilet & Bowels 12.15.2008 12:16 PM


afterthefact 12.15.2008 12:37 PM


It's ok, I can't really get into it. A bit of a disappointment after their great one (below)

jimbrim 12.15.2008 01:39 PM


sonic sphere 12.15.2008 02:09 PM

the doors-s/t

Savage Clone 12.15.2008 02:19 PM

sarramkrop 12.15.2008 02:44 PM

Buzzcocks - 12 Reasons Demo

This is super-excellent, no stinker. The standout track is 'Time's Up'.

stu666 12.15.2008 02:52 PM


acousticrock87 12.15.2008 03:46 PM


gmku 12.15.2008 04:29 PM

This morning: PiL - Metal Box

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