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tesla69 05.16.2007 02:43 PM

June 8 at Issue Project room
Man, Lee just doesn't take a break!

Friday, June 8
lee ranaldo
Donkey is LA synthesizer player Hans Fjellestad and NYC sound manipulator Damon Holzborn. The duo has been building intensive noise structures for over 15 years. "El Burro" is set to release a new live cd recorded at The Stone in NYC...coming Spring '07 on Accretions Records.
Hans Fjellestad, a Los Angeles musician and filmmaker, tours and records extensively as a solo artist and in collaboration with numerous players on the experimental music scene in well over a dozen countries. An "innovative musician" (All About Jazz) and "mad scientist improviser" (IDJ), his music has been described as "unbridled sonic freedom... raw, almost shamanic energy that embodies the true essence of unrestricted music" (XLR8R) and a "spicy concoction... refusing to behave itself, it screams, throws things and makes a mess" (The Wire). A classically trained pianist, these days Hans concocts most of his unbridled sound messes with analog synthesizers and vacuum tubes.,
Damon Holzborn is an improviser and composer working primarily with electronics. His performances make the familiar unrecognizable, manipulating sound sources such as guitar and field recordings with custom instruments, untraditional effects and interactive processes. Currently pursuing his doctoral degree in composition at Columbia University, Holzborn has
presented his work in the U.S., Mexico, Europe, South Africa and Japan and has collaborated with many innovative musicians and dancers.
Lee Ranaldo is a member of the group Sonic Youth. Text of Light, his "other group" with Alan Licht, Christian Marclay, Tim Barnes and others, have just released the 3xCD "Metal Box" on UK label Dirter Productions. With Visual work by Leah Singer
8:00 p.m.; $10

Georgekrz 05.17.2007 08:21 AM

thanks for the heads up i will be there...

btw- if lee reads this can you please bring your dvd and the "metal box" to the show so we/i can buy it, its a hard to get item, the dvd is always sold out it seems.

tesla69 05.18.2007 08:34 AM


Originally Posted by Georgekrz
btw- if lee reads this can you please bring your dvd and the "metal box" to the show so we/i can buy it, its a hard to get item, the dvd is always sold out it seems.

You mean the Drift DVD? Doesn't Kim's have any? I know Etherea will order the metal box if its still available.

Georgekrz 05.18.2007 10:46 AM

lee sells em for less! i went to his last show there and all his cds were for $10.

btw- if i can i always buy cds directly at shows, it cuts out the middleman.

tesla69 06.08.2007 03:52 PM

See you freaks there tonite...I'll be the guy with the cassette recorder, my DAT mics didn't show up :-(

Georgekrz 06.09.2007 09:33 AM

went to see donkey and lee ranaldo and leah singer at issue project room last night, what do you think i will say? it was great. lee this time did not play the guitar, he stayed in the back of the room and manipulated loops (piano chords/spoken word poetry/ noises) and utilized the issues speaker system (which are pods suspended under ceiling, all around the room, so you could really manipulate the spatial aspect of the sound, a true surround sound experience). Leah used some new footage, like clips from their recent china tour, in addition to old footage which we've seen before. the images that came back that i liked especially the tree on fire from the setting sun, im assuming thats what it was towards the end. also that little film clip from the country home with the double bunk beds and the trees outside, and sun coming in. well i could go on and on, the bottom line is this is something you have to see for yourself. also i was thinking about this on the way home, the fact lee this time was not in front of the screen, that makes you really focus on the visual and the audio, so i think i like it.

donkey opened, a noise/electronics/experimental project of hans fjellestad amd damon holzborn, their cds are on accretion label, i picked up their donkey/stone cd which was recorded live at the stone in november 2006, great cd its not in the catalog but i think thats because it was just released, here is the link you can listen to some samples there for free:

also like it was mentioned before, this is it for the issue, they are closing at the end of the month but moving to a new location and will keep on doing what they are doing. it was a great place to see a show and great bunch of people.

tesla69 06.11.2007 09:18 AM

Did they happen to mention where they are moving?

Georgekrz 06.12.2007 12:01 AM

3rd ave and 3rd street in brooklyn(which is near the current location), old canning factory, more details to come. first show is july 3, gibby haynes and another guest sorry i forgot the name.

tesla- did you make it out there for the show?

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