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6billionghosts 11.02.2006 01:25 AM

Dear Thurston
I had a dream last night that we met and rocked out together. It was awesome. We should jam sometime for real, I play the bass.

thurstonmoore 11.02.2006 01:29 AM


guitarpro 11.10.2006 11:44 AM

Cool dream Thurston's my idol and I've had lots of dreams like that when we would jam smoke pot listen to records then I wake up and I'm sad becuz it was just a dream

Intellivision 11.10.2006 07:20 PM


porkmarras 11.10.2006 07:22 PM

One of the most awful things of liking Sonic Youth.I dispair at the thought.

Intellivision 11.10.2006 07:24 PM


Pax Americana 11.11.2006 12:24 AM

Nardwaur kinda looks like this guy I work with.

ZEROpumpkins 11.11.2006 02:55 AM

I had a dream I was at a Sonic Youth concert, and just before we were about to meet them, I woke up.

6billionghosts 11.25.2006 09:27 PM


Originally Posted by ZEROpumpkins
I had a dream I was at a Sonic Youth concert, and just before we were about to meet them, I woke up.

Another dream I had, SY were playing in this extremely small venue. It had white tiled walls. In the center was a pool that had crazy waves going on and in that pool was a ship with a huge white cross on the front. SY were rocking out on the boat as it tossed and turned!

Another time I saw Kim Gordon do a solo set. She morphed into some kind of creature, claymation-like. Weird stuff. Out of all the bands I've "seen" in my dreams, SY's shows have been the weirdest, probably.

towelie 11.25.2006 09:33 PM


Originally Posted by 6billionghosts
I had a dream last night that we met and rocked out together. It was awesome. We should jam sometime for real, I play the bass.

After you're done jamming on your bass, make sure to wipe it down with a towel to keep it good condition. That's why whenever towelie jams with Sonic Youth he makes sure to pack a towel in his guitar case.

Do you wanna get high?

towelie 11.25.2006 09:42 PM

I can't understand what you're saying.

I know! Just let me get high, I know I can figure out what you're saying if I get high.

<Popeye theme music>

towelie 11.25.2006 09:48 PM

Exactly? Exactly what?

towelie 11.25.2006 10:04 PM

Oh man, that post makes me wanna get high.

Alex's Trip 11.25.2006 10:42 PM

The only SY dream I had was centered around Kim. It was like a normal concert, but Kim was giving a speech, and I have no idea what it was about, but it was very good.

k-krack 11.25.2006 11:31 PM

I had an SY dream. I was walking thru NYC, and saw Jesse Keeler, (from Death From Above 1979) who I sparked up a conversation with, and then I noticed he was walking with Kim! I was like "Oh my shit! I love you!!!" And she ran away.

Prisstina 11.25.2006 11:53 PM

Dear Thurston,



touch me i'm sick 11.25.2006 11:54 PM

my cousin looks like thurston moore

youthoftomorrow 11.26.2006 03:48 AM

i had a dream where i wandering around the Canadian Rockies and found a big lake with a giant greenish pyramid jutting out in the middle. there were four bridges to the land (one coming out of the middle of each of face of the pyramid). i walked around the outside of the pyramid and then fell into the lake. i swam ashore and found a big semi truck trailer with a bunch of people inside. i didn't know any of them except Sonic Youth were in the back talking to themselves. months passed and i decided to wander around in the forest some more.

then i woke up.

jon boy 11.26.2006 07:30 AM

dear thurston,

get all the spiders out of your house before someone else gets bitten.

finding nobody 11.26.2006 12:05 PM

Last night I had a dream Thurston came and rode go-karts where I work. I wanted to say "Hi Thurston" so bad! But I couldnt pull myself to do it.

Jico 11.26.2006 07:35 PM

Dear Thurston,....

There's this guy that I really like. He tells everyone that he doesn't even like me as a

friend, but when we're alone together we do things that are reserved for people who think

of each other as more than friends. What do I do?

A friend, more, or less? Huntley, IL

The guy's a jerk. I know that won't discourage you from liking him, but he's got a major personality

flaw: disrespecting you. Be careful of this kind of butthead, because his sleaze behavior may rub off

on you, and then your life will become more and more hellish. Next time you're alone with him and

he tries to get "friendly," tell him your friend Thurston Moore wants to kick his ass. And then tell him


I'm In sixth grade, and I like a boy in fifth, but he's going out with a ninth grader (total

slut). She's only going out with him because I like him, but he doesn't see it. I know he

likes me because every time I talk about another guy, he gets jealous. What should I do?

Karen, New York, NY

You know, it's kinda hard to dissuade a fifth grader from going out with a ninth grader. Especially if

she's a "total slut." But you might want the dude to find out the hard way about the difference

between love and lust. Wait until Ms. Ninth Grader drops Mr. Fifth Grader for someone else. He'll

be bent out of shape, and it'll be up to you to decide if he's worth helping up out of the gutter. If he

realizes your kindness and shows affection, you'll be lucky. If not, look around for someone a little


I am 15 years old and have extremely large breasts. I'm not going to get into exactly how

big they are, but they're way bigger than a triple-D. Everyone that I meet, guys especially,

wants to get to know me because of that. The girls try to act like they're fake. What to do?

Big-busted in Brooklyn, NY

Large breasts are a very attractive asset. Some people are turned off by them, but they are a

minority. You're going to have to be proud of yourself and accept the fact that a lot of people are

going to give you grief. Large breasts or large buttocks or large anything will attract attention to the

person who's got 'em, but so what? Laugh all those idiots off and smile to the fact you have

something special.

My first problem is that the boys I like who like me back are kinda shy about making a

first move. The second prob is that I am like this too! Can you give me some tips on

first-move making that won't be scary for either of us?

Not gettin' any, Fresno, CA

Shyness is cool, and if you want to hang out with somebody equally shy, a movie is a good idea

because then you don't have to talk so much. And when the movie's over, you at least have

something immediate to relate to. I know asking someone out is easier said than done, but come on,

you only live once! I should talk, though. I couldn't even look at girls I was attracted to without

blacking out.

I'm a lonely 14 year-old. I'm not pretty, outgoing or interesting. Why do guys only like

beautiful girls? Anonymous

Because the majority of guys are too stupid and insensitive to realize a person like you may possess

qualities of beauty. Become aware of what's beautiful within you and cultivate it. Don't be afraid of

men. Be true to yourself, and hopefully an honest love will come your way. The more you have

confidence and belief in your own beauty, the more likely this is to happen.

There's this really bitchy girl at my school. I can't stand her! I really wanna kick her butt,

but if I do, I won't be able to go on the eighth grade trip, and I could get expelled. Pissed

off, Rosemead, CA

Ignore her. That'll be worse than kicking her butt. She'll probably be in your face even more, though,

so be careful. And anyway, eight years from now you probably won't even remember her. Either

that or you'll be best friends.

Every time something goes wrong and I'm around, I get blamed. Even people I don't know

blame me for things. Blamed in Stratford, CT

Next time someone blames you for something, look 'em straight in the face I and ask, "How may I

correct this situation?" This will startle and dumbfound them. Then go up and kiss them lightly on the

cheek and whisper, "No matter what happens, I will always love you." As you back away, grab

your head and scream bloody murder and run like the wind.

6billionghosts 12.21.2006 10:33 PM

dreams not drugs!???? oh i don't know

max 12.21.2006 10:56 PM

Thurston, answer those zillions of FAQS... dude.

6billionghosts 12.21.2006 10:58 PM

ain't got time

max 12.21.2006 11:18 PM

then why bothering asking us FAQS?

ZEROpumpkins 12.22.2006 10:35 PM


Originally Posted by swa(y)
OMG!!!!!! thurston drives a volvo lets get one.....whooooooooaaaa!

Surely, assuming this was true, he'd be able to afford a much nicer car?

Dead-Air 12.23.2006 03:52 PM


Originally Posted by swa(y)
thurston doesnt smoke pot. lee on the other hand....even steve

Where do you come up with this? Thurston has posted innumerable online journals where he talks about smoking pot. In addition, the song "Providence" on Daydream Nation is made from an answering machine message of Mike Watt calling Thurston about a lost bag of weed. Maybe when his daughter is on tour with them he doesn't...

SynthethicalY 12.24.2006 06:05 AM

Ah screw it I have nothing witty to post on this thread.

greenlight 12.24.2006 08:07 AM

this pics is great.

Dead-Air 12.24.2006 01:40 PM


Originally Posted by swa(y)
thurston has, and occassionally does smoke pot. occasionally. hes stated in counless interviews that hes not a huge fan (anymore).

i know lee smokes a bit.

steve certainly smokes alot.

how i know doesnt really matter.

nor does this post.

He has to be aware his daughter reads his interviews too. They've all always been pretty into moderation where punk bands are considered, but that's only go to increase when you've got a teenage daughter watching what you do, especially in public.

Dead-Air 12.26.2006 12:48 AM


Originally Posted by swa(y)
so yr saying he feels the need to hide his pot smoking from his daughter?

fair enough.

even though..i highly doubt coco feels the need to read daddy's interviews.

Hard to say. If my dad was someone like that, I think I'd probably be very curious. Could be she's unimpressed because it's her dad, but not necessarily. You'd have to ask her.

lalie 12.29.2006 11:58 AM


Thurston looks so young he could be the face for an anti-wrinkle cream ad.
That's amazing.

HECKLER SPRAY 12.29.2006 12:05 PM


Originally Posted by lalie


Thurston looks so young he could be the face for an anti-wrinkle cream ad.
That's amazing.

Nice car !

king_buzzo 12.29.2006 12:18 PM

dear thurston, happy new year. yeah i know its in sunday.

i always found new years better than christmas

greenlight 12.30.2006 01:30 PM


Originally Posted by lalie


Thurston looks so young he could be the face for an anti-wrinkle cream ad.
That's amazing.

that's true.

PAULYBEE2656 12.31.2006 05:05 AM

ahh thurston,
pot (thats sooo american) lets say the smoke,
daughters being cool

doesnt get any better...... best thread ever.......

SuchFriendsAreDangerous 12.31.2006 06:44 PM


Originally Posted by 6billionghosts
I had a dream last night that we met and rocked out together. It was awesome. We should jam sometime for real, I play the bass.





krastian 01.04.2007 01:25 AM

Dear Thurston, make me a bird so I can fly far, far far away from here.

SynthethicalY 01.04.2007 01:31 AM

Dear Thurston, WHy am I a dream wrapped in a fajita's childhood?

schizophrenicroom 01.04.2007 02:19 AM

dear thurston

why do i cry every time i cum?

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