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SonikJesus 01.04.2007 02:39 AM

I remember listening to a radio interview with the band (around mid-2006, I think) where Thurston was saying that they don't do drugs but that he gets high naturally by thinking about it (he said this jokingly). At the end he said something like: "I don't know... but we think about it (smoking weed) a lot." Then Lee chuckled and said "YOU think about it a lot." By the way, what's all this talk about Steve smoking a lot. Out of all the band, I thought he was the one that was most likely not to smoke.

schizophrenicroom 01.04.2007 03:08 AM

steve's a badass, but he's a badass in secret.

Magic Wheel Memory 01.04.2007 01:14 PM


Originally Posted by schizophrenicroom
dear thurston

why do i cry every time i cum?

If you were male, I would say it's because you're afraid of getting in trouble for ruining your mother's fur coat.

HaydenAsche 01.04.2007 01:21 PM

Dear Thurston,

Fuck off.


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