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duderanchnurse 04.28.2009 09:25 AM

The Eternal Streaming Review
so for those lucky enough to get the code...
can we have a brief idea of what you think track by track and overall?

Sonic Youth 37 04.28.2009 10:06 AM

I am enjoying the resurgence of skronk.
Kim sounds better than she has since the early 90s.

Final thoughts:
I proclaim this to be the best album since NYC Ghosts barring Murray Street, it's better than A Thousand Leaves too. It really has moments that encompass SY's entire history and remind me why I listen to them in the first place. This album is really something new without being a total shift in style.

neptuneg 04.28.2009 10:38 AM

I'm only done with the first 2.5 tracks or so, but it is so good! Anti-Orgasm? Shit!

jennthebenn 04.28.2009 10:40 AM

Kim sings along with the guitar in "Malibu Gas Station" which means only
one thing: Thurston wrote the lyrics. Bwah.

"Anti-Orgasm" and "What We Know" are so fucking Flying Ace. The latter
is Lee's best track on an SY album since NYCG&F.

summer 04.28.2009 10:44 AM

Uh you're all sort of disappointing me since I hate NYCG&F, but eh I'm sure it's still good.

jennthebenn 04.28.2009 10:46 AM

This album craps on NYCG&F, actually. After one listen I shall proclaim that.

samuel 04.28.2009 11:11 AM

Never would I have thought I'd enjoy No Way more than Calming the Snake. Jeez... Calming the Snake sounded so ferocious live. Here, I just don't know. I prefer Sacred Trickster live as well.

I'm at Walkin Blue... and so far my favorite track is What We Know. Overall, it's a pretty kick ass album.

krastian 04.28.2009 11:13 AM

I'm streaming it in here at work and it rules. I'm only on track 5, What We Know.

Steve is tight as usual.

Fuck yes!!

vulva 04.28.2009 11:17 AM

I'm only on track 5 right now, but this kind of feels like Sonic Nurse 2.0 in many ways so far.

samuel 04.28.2009 11:19 AM

Upon first listen,

Great songs: Anti-Orgasm, Antenna, What We Know, Walkin Blue, Massage the History

Good songs: Sacred Trickster, Leaky Lifeboat, Calming the Snake, Poison Arrow, Malibu Gas Station, Thunderclap, No Way

Oh man, I love the Youf.

krastian 04.28.2009 11:20 AM

God damn, thank God the rockin' "sonic breakdowns" are back.

greenlight 04.28.2009 11:26 AM

you can feel departure from Geffen alright! pretty much straight forward songs. not such a long experimental noisy freakouts like when they did on 1000 leaves or NYC Ghost + Flowers. (don't expect from SY to be what they used to be in '80, '90, '00 and you're grand). still definitely noisier then Nurse and RR. production is much better then on RR. so many passages which brings you far away and back. love it! and Massage The History kills all. my favourite of all at the moment. it has everything SY ever was...killer.

I've recorded da stream into my portable player. I'll be listening to it for a few days now every where I go, haha.

thesilverrocket 04.28.2009 11:33 AM

Listened to it once through while working on a design project. I think the record helped me make version 10 of this project the best one so far. Killer record from start to finish. Particularly enjoyed the first several chords, really set the mood for the rest of the album. Killer. Killer, killer killer. Ending with 9:43 seconds of beauty.

greedrex 04.28.2009 11:40 AM

Expectations are high.

greenlight 04.28.2009 11:42 AM

anti orgasm.....wooooow!

mil_pl 04.28.2009 11:43 AM

new album = more noise. more uncontrolled energy.

anti-orgasm - is awesome, mind blowing. I like the guitar parts. they are all singing here, surprising good effect. experimental - freaky song in the name of holy Dirty!

leaky lifeboat - starts like kim g and a doyle handcream, and then duo of kim and tm. nice wah-wah there for sometime.

antenna - nice noise in left speaker, guitar in right kinda reminds me of atl, thurston sings that. catchy chorus.

what we know - sounds like something from confusion is sex but with more energy, lee sings. thurston gives nice guitar riff. very noisy break.

calming the snake - bass intro is awesome, then noise. we know that from the gigs. kim is yawling here with some echos.. don't know what to think about that, then the oooh, oooh. at the end she is singing like on mirror/dash gigs.

poison arrow - nice thurston based riff, with lee making some noise. other way of singing by t, then comes kim with nice vocals too in chorus.

malibu gas station - begining reminds the nyc g+f's climate, two guitar combo. kim singing. then it reminds a little bit kim singing on rather ripped, but it's more distinct here. with wall of sound like on washing machine some songs at the end.

thunderclap for bobby pyn - weird song, very weird. many breakes. changing rythms all the time, and with appeasements. thurstons vocals, with yeah and woo done by all of them. surprising and adorable. speed and power.

no way - is known from gigs, first song written on the album. but not the best. lyrics were changed for the album. more poppy and punky then the rest.

walkin blue - lee song. more watered-down, and emphatic then the first one. something is hiding behind those guitars.

massage the history - acoustic guitar? I haven't excpected that on the sonic album. but it found place here with lee's electric guitar. longest track on the album. kim voice brakes in after almost two minutes. she is singing and whispering. then comes more noise and wall of sound like on nyc gf song. lovely ending of the album.

thanks to the gold-heart man! really enjoyed that!

LifeDistortion 04.28.2009 11:51 AM

Why are they making the stream so difficult? I don't understand the whole getting the code and shit, this is to listen to an album its not like we're trying to get concert tickets. I'm confused.

hevusa 04.28.2009 11:51 AM

Half way through and it feels better than anything since Washing Machine to me.

When Kim and Thurston sung some harmonies I nearly lost it in my pants. The Lee song is great!

duderanchnurse 04.28.2009 11:53 AM


Originally Posted by LifeDistortion
Why are they making the stream so difficult? I don't understand the whole getting the code and shit, this is to listen to an album its not like we're trying to get concert tickets. I'm confused.

see code topic :)

neptuneg 04.28.2009 12:03 PM

Massage the History is I Love You Golden Blue on crack. It features a Marilyn Moore style slide guitar (Lee?), an acoustic guitar and some whispery Kim lyrics.

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