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louder 06.16.2012 01:26 PM

louder's hip-hop café mix #2
(67 mins)

01. el-p - the full retard
02. danny brown - pac blood
03. schoolboy q - hands on the wheel (ft. asap rocky)
04. the game - wouldn't get far (ft. kanye west)
05. de la soul - we made it
06. common - faithful (ft. bilal & john legend)
07. mos def - ms. fat booty
08. mf doom - hoe cakes
09. curren$y - scottie pippens (ft. freddie gibbs)
10. clipse - freedom
11. drake - the real her (ft. lil wayne & andré 3000)
12. ab-soul - illuminate (ft. kendrick lamar)
13. spaceghostpurrp - the black god
14. kanye west - devil in a new dress (ft. rick ross)
15. kendrick lamar - cartoon & cereal (ft. gunplay)
16. pusha t - alone in vegas

truncated 06.17.2012 09:56 AM

<3 @ louder

I haven't listened to all of it yet, but so far so good - I was already a fan of Mos Def, so good inclusion (what does he call himself these days)? Anyhow, thanks again!

louder 06.18.2012 12:38 PM

no problem. being the hip-hop nerd i am, i actually enjoy doing these. i see that multiple people have downloaded the mixes, too bad only truncated (<3) commented on them.

nowadays Mos goes by the name Yasiin Bey. sometimes he's a part of GOOD Music, a group lead by Kanye West which also includes Common, Q-Tip, Pusha, as well as a bunch of newcomers.

truncated 06.18.2012 12:42 PM

If you enjoy doing them, I certainly would not complain if you compiled more. I have to clean, and I could use some good background music.

louder 06.19.2012 12:27 AM

vol. 3 will be called "music to wash yr dishes to".

raindrop 06.19.2012 02:57 AM

i wish kreayshawn was my best friend.

EVOLghost 06.19.2012 03:27 AM

a terribly funny kreayshawn that is.s..

louder 06.19.2012 08:00 AM

K-shawn? don't like.

i'd do a lot of things for a night with Lil Debbie, on the other hand.

Severian 06.19.2012 11:41 AM

Louder, these mixes are good, but why waste space with Kanye? Everyone alive has heard him. Use that space for artists that don't get as much exposure. Maybe Vast Aire/Cannibal Ox.

louder 06.19.2012 12:40 PM

you are right - i wanted to start with the basics, however now i'll start giving exposure lesser known artists. Cannibal Ox is a good call, in fact i almost included them last time. thanks for the input!

truncated 06.20.2012 12:53 AM


Dr. Eugene Felikson 06.20.2012 02:55 AM

needs more Twiztid

louder 06.20.2012 04:52 AM

yo, that track you showed me was crazy indeed lol

louder 06.20.2012 03:09 PM

cool interview

louder 06.20.2012 09:25 PM

my review for illmatic:

n.y state of mind - 10/10
life's a bitch - 10/10
the world is yours - 10/10
halftime - 10/10
memory lane - 10/10
one love - 10/10
one time 4 your mind - 10/10
represent - 10/10
it ain't hard to tell - 10/10

overall: fav album/10

demonrail666 06.21.2012 04:57 AM

Thanks for the mixes. Listening to the first one now. Great stuff

You must spread more ... etc

louder 06.22.2012 05:41 AM


btw, probably gonna start DJ'ing soon

first of all in my bday party
then in some shitty local clubs

i'll let you guys know how it goes

truncated 06.22.2012 05:49 AM

You won't be able to bring your girlfriend into the clubs. PEDO. (Still <3 you)

Genteel Death 06.22.2012 06:51 AM

I've tried downloading these a couple of days ago but had problems. I'll try again this weekend. I'll try hard. Very hard. Brutally.

noisereductions 06.22.2012 10:19 AM

just stopping by. Did I miss anything?

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