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The Soup Nazi 08.09.2015 05:30 PM

Rock Classics Covers vol 15 Bruce Springsteen Darkness on the Edge of Town
Sleater-Kinney, Mary Lou Lord, Townes Van Zandt, Bruce Springsteen

Rock Classics Covers vol 16 Modern Lovers first LP
Yo La Tengo, John Cale, The Feelies, The Dream Syndicate, The Silos, The Modern Lovers

Rock Classics Covers vol 17 David Bowie The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars
Wilco, Golden Smog, Steve Wynn, David Bowie

Rock Classics Covers vol 18 Bob Dylan Highway 61 Revisited
Steve Earle, Elliott Smith, PJ Harvey, Jimi Hendrix, Robyn Hitchcock, Townes Van Zandt, Bruce Springsteen, Johnny Thunders

Rock Classics Covers Vol 41 - Joy Division - Closer : Reseed by request
Joy Division

The Soup Nazi 08.09.2015 05:31 PM


LOW - Primavera Sound 27 May 2011 (PAL)

Wilco - 2015-08-07 Outside Lands Music & Arts Festival, Golden Gate Park, San Francisco, CA - Complete Webcast [720p]

St Vincent 2015-08-07 Outside Lands Music & Arts Festival, Golden Gate Park, San Francisco, USA Complete Webcast [720p]

Harvey Milk 2008-03-08 Caledonia Lounge - Athens, GA USA [REMASTER]

Grinderman - Kentish Town Forum - London. UK. 20th June 2007 ***2015 REMASTER***
with Suicide

The Cramps - 1977-06 IRS Demos - Sun Studios, Memphis - Alex Chilton Produced

The Cramps - 1977-06 Richard Robinson Studio

The Cramps 1998-05-02 Lisboa, Portugal

BUTTHOLE SURFERS - 1985-06-08, CBGB'S, New York City - A TAPEGEEK MASTER RECORDING / hitwitstuff2 upload!! (samples in the comments) 2 PSYCHOTIC SETS!! WARNING: THIS ONE LEAVES A MARK!!

Dinosaur Jr August 4 2015 Huber Heights OH 48-24

THE MUFFS -The Casbah, San Diego CA 7th August 2015

The Breeders - 1993-12-10 - DAT(1) > FLAC [DSM-6P > TCD-D7]

THE BREEDERS Los Angeles, CA 1997-05-09 (reseed)

THE BREEDERS Pomona, CA 2008-04-29 (reseed)

Babes In Toyland -- Los Angeles 2015-08-07

Sonic Youth - Festa Del Unita, Coreggio, Italy 07th July 1993

Patti Smith; 2015-08-08, Dresden (a TOM MOORE recording)

THE VELVET UNDERGROUND - Hamburg, Germany 1993-06-11 [Uncirc'd TKOR recording]

Mazzy Star - 1996-07-11, Paris, Le Divan du Monde

Robyn Hitchcock & The Egyptians 1984-09-29 Islington, UK Hope & Anchor (REAL fine, up close, stereo M2-AUD. UPGRADES previously DIMED versions. 1st-ever Egyptians gig & 1st Robyn public gig after Soft Boys breakup. Many unique arrangements) DimeTravel

Bob Dylan & Rolling Thunder Revue- Augustra, Maine- Nov 26, 1975

Bob Dylan Hammersmith 1993-02-09 Masters series 138

BOB DYLAN - 2000-06-15 Portland Oregon

Bob Dylan Madrid 2015-07-06 complete concert

The Clash - 1981-10-12 - The Royal Court Theatre, Liverpool (England) GO- Audience **UPGRADED** w/samples

Bruce Springsteen 1975-08-01 Mosque Theatre - Richmond, VA (Low Generation via DS Archives Volume Three)

Tom Waits - VH1 Storytellers 01 April 1999 (PAL)

NEIL YOUNG & CRAZY HORSE - Camden, NJ, USA 1997-08-17 [Fresh Burn, utterly Megatonic show!]

Neil Young New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival May 3rd, 2009 New Orleans, LA USA schopes reup

CREAM Grande Ballroom Detroit Mi October 15th 1967"Real Cream" "Detroit Gold Top Records" The Gold Standard - RC 01/02 with contrast clause and samples

Led Zeppelin 1970-09-04 LA Forum, Ingelwood - Eat A Peach release - Live On Bluberry Hill

Led Zeppelin 1971-09-03 New York - audience Graf Zeppelin "It's Been A Long Time - MSG 1971 -"

Led Zeppelin 1971-09-11 Rochester NY - audience incomplete Ace Of Spades "Rochester 1971"

Led Zeppelin 1972-10-09 Osaka - audience Non-Lable "Unprocessed 109"

stu666 08.10.2015 04:09 PM


Skating Polly - 2015-05-24 Trinity Centre, Bristol UK (opening for Babes In Toyland)

The Soup Nazi 08.10.2015 05:58 PM


^ Priceless...

The Cramps - 1977-10 Memphis, Demos - Produced by Alex Chilton

Violent Femmes - 1984-11-15, New York City, Wollman Aud., Columbia U., MASTER

MARC RILEY & THE CREEPERS - 1986-05-27 - London BBC Maida Vale Studios (Peel session #4) [FM master] - SAMPLE PROVIDED

Black Sabbath 1975-10-12 Colston Hall, Bristol, UK (AUD - Eddie7679 unknown gen - 88:58 min) FRESH RAW TRANSFER BY SMORES

Led Zeppelin - 1972-12-22 - Alexandra Palace, London (The Riot House - Wendy)

Led Zeppelin - 1972-12-23 - Alexandra Palace, London (Disturbance House - Wendy)

The Soup Nazi 08.10.2015 05:59 PM

Bob Dylan 2002-04-30 PARIS Second 2002 - France (Crystal Cat)

Bob Dylan 2015-07-01 Lucca, Italy Bach rec.

The Soup Nazi 08.10.2015 08:29 PM


The Breeders - 1993-12-13 Pier 48 Seattle, WA (MTV Live And Loud) (Best copy ever)

The Breeders - 1993-12-13 Pier 48 Seattle, WA (Best copy ever) (FLAC Audio)

Bob Dylan Hammersmith 1993-02-11 Masters Series 139

stu666 08.11.2015 03:33 PM


Hannah Lou Clark - 2015-05-10 - O2 Academy2, Oxford, UK (opening for Thurston Moore Band)

The Soup Nazi 08.11.2015 04:42 PM


Boston Spaceships (Robert Pollard) - 2008-10-09, The Highdive, Champaign, IL - Old Grey Whiffle Ball Test

The Cramps - 1977-11 Philadelphia, Hot Club

BUILT TO SPILL Los Angeles, CA 1997-04-29 (reseed)

Thin Lizzy 1976-03-31, Edinburgh, AUD "Blues Boy In Edinburgh" reseed by request

Bob Dylan 1987-09-13 Torino LB-9301

Lucinda Williams Band The Talkhouse Miami, Florida April 24, 1993 DAT SDB

Iris DeMent_Royal Festival Hall, London_2000-01-15

The Soup Nazi 08.12.2015 03:35 PM


Rock Classics Covers vol 19 Television Marquee Moon
R.E.M., Mike Watt, Richard Lloyd, Tom Verlaine, Television

Rock Classics Covers vol 20 Leonard Cohen
Johnny Cash, Electrelane, Jackson Browne, Fairport Convention, Leonard Cohen

Bob Dylan 1987-10-17 London LB-5616

Bob Dylan - 2015-07-09 Teatro Axerquia, Cordoba, Spain (Master, raw video files)

Mott The Hoople Apollo Glasgow 1973-11-23

Cramps - 1977-79 Studio rehearsals

stu666 08.12.2015 03:58 PM


Michael Chapman - 2015-05-29 - John Peel Centre, Stowmarket, Suffolk, UK

The Soup Nazi 08.13.2015 04:34 PM


The Stooges -- 2007-04-21 Warfield, San Francisco CA (16/48 fileset; fresh transfer)

The Replacements -- 1989-05-11 One Step Beyond, Santa Clara CA (fresh transfer from master tape; 24/48 fileset)

Bob Dylan 1988-06-30 Wantagh LB-6795; xref-0957

Bob Dylan Hammersmith 1993-02-12 Masters series 140

The Byrds Leonard Gymnasium, American University, Washington D.C. April 18th 1970 sdb reup

NEIL YOUNG & CRAZY HORSE "The Echos" -- 1996-05-23 -- Old Princeton Landing, Princeton-by-the-Sea, CA

CSNY Fleet Center Boston MASS March 27 2000 schoeps

Grateful Dead - September 15 1972 Boston Music Hall, Boston, MA (MILLER SBD) FIRST SBD IN CIRCULATION
Since they're all the rage now and Lee loves 'em, what the hell.

Black Sabbath - 1975-10-12 Colston Hall, Bristol (chill782002 version - contrast clause)

Keiji Haino - 2015-08-12 - Taubescenen, Liseberg, Gothenburg. SWE

Jump for Joy! - 2015-08-12 - Taubescenen, Liseberg, Gothenburg, SWE With: Yumi Hara (Artaud Beat), Geoff Leigh (Henry Cow/Artaud Beat), Chris Cutler (Henry Cow/Artaud Beat), Jean-Hervé Péron (Faust), Zappi W. Diermaier (Faust) och Geraldine Swayne (Faust)

AMM - Taktlos Festival, Zürich, Switzerland, March 31, 1990 (Prévost/Rowe/Tilbury/Gare) - repost

ilduclo 08.14.2015 08:18 AM


Originally Posted by The Soup Nazi

and that's NOT Keijo, which would have been a first for DaD!

thanks for all your work, TSN!

The Soup Nazi 08.14.2015 03:25 PM


St. Vincent 2015-07-08 Roma [FM master]

The Cramps - 1978-04-06 Washington, Atlantis Club

THE DICTATORS - WCMF Studios, Rochester, NY 1977-07-XX [FM]

NEIL YOUNG & CRAZY HORSE - 2003-07-18 - Shoreline Amphitheater Mountain View CA - Neumann KM140s Wilson66 reseed

Cowboy Junkies 2005-06-02 Northampton MA aud DVD reseed

The Byrds 1970-04-18 Leonard Gymnasium, American University, Washington D.C., 38f Original SBD (Reseed)

Roy Campbell / Joe McPhee Quartet - NYC - May 23, 2003 RESEED

The Soup Nazi 08.14.2015 03:26 PM

Black Sabbath - 1974-01-11 Scandinavium, Goteborg (chill782002 version - contrast clause)

The Soup Nazi 08.14.2015 04:21 PM


Courtney Barnett - 2015-08-12 Oya Festival - Oslo, Norway [720p webcast]

Belle and Sebastian - 2015-08-12 Oya Festival - Oslo, Norway [720p webcast]

Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds – Roxy – Stockholm – Sweden 1987-04-23 (FM). Requested reseed.

The Soup Nazi 08.14.2015 04:53 PM


Originally Posted by ilduclo
thanks for all your work, TSN!

No thanks needed. My former shrink said I was "enslaved" by this stuff. Fuck him!

The Soup Nazi 08.14.2015 08:12 PM


Joni Mitchell, 1979-09-16, Greek Theatre, Los Angeles, CA [REMASTERED] (44Khz, 16-bit, FLAC)

The Soup Nazi 08.16.2015 02:27 PM


The Cramps - Beach Party, Bratenahl, Cleveland, Ohio, 1978-07-04

The Cramps - 1978-07-21 Toronto, Horseshoe Tavern

The Cramps - 1978-09-08 Bethesda, MD - Psychedelly bootleg

Lydia Lunch's 8 Eyed Spy 1980-02-18 Hong Kong Cafe, Los Angeles

BUTTHOLE SURFERS Hollywood, CA 1982-06-10 (reseed)

BUTTHOLE SURFERS West Hollywood, CA 1982-07-04

BUTTHOLE SURFERS Pasadena, CA 1983-12-02 (reseed)

Shonen Knife - 1993-12-10 - DAT(1) > FLAC [DSM-6P > TCD-D7]

Rock Classics Covers vol 21 The Who Who's Next

Rock Classics Covers vol 22 Velvet Underground 3rd LP
Antony, Robyn Hitchcock, Peter Laughner :eek:, Moe Tucker, Patti Smith

House Of Love - 1988-08-07 Town And Country Club, London, England - Master

Fennesz - 2015-07-26 - Popfest - Vienna, Austria - AUD

Nick Drake - 1968-xx-xx Tanworth in Arden, UK - Don't Think Twice, It's Allright Great Bob Dylan cover! Little longer

JOHN CALE Hollywood, CA Amoeba Music 2005-10-26 (reseed)

JOHN CALE Los Angeles, CA 2005-10-27 (reseed)

Charles Mingus Quintet - 1973-03-12, Strata Concert Gallery, Detroit - sound cleaned and pitch fixed

Joni Mitchell, 1979-09-16, Greek Theatre, Los Angeles, CA [REMASTERED] (96Khz, 24-bit, FLAC)

Neil Young Constitutional Hall Washington Dc 1 14 and 15 1995

The War on Drugs - 2015-08-15 Haldern Pop Festival, Haldern, Germany - Webcast [720p]

Bruce Springsteen 1978-06-20 Morrison, CO, Red Rocks Amphitheatre "Fire Over Red Rocks" With Sample

BOB DYLAN - 1987-10-07 Paris, France

Bob Dylan - 1999-09-02 Coral Sky Amphitheatre West Palm Beach - my master fixed by luisbp

Bob Dylan Greenville, South Carolina BI-LO Center February 13, 2002

Bob Dylan Apr 15, 2002 Frankfurt, Germany Jahrhunderthalle dat

Bob Dylan - 2010-10-08, O'Connell Center, Gainesville, FL - reseed

Hank Williams documentary: Vie Et Mort d'Un Cadillac Cowboy (edited) 1994 - DVD

NOTE: all footage of Hank Williams Sr. and all audio (spoken word incl.) removed

Johnny Cash - 1981-05-23 - at Belmont Park, New York - AM - RESEED

Emmylou Harris and Rodney Crowell - Cropredy Festival, UK 2015-08-13 AUD

The Soup Nazi 08.16.2015 02:28 PM

Led Zeppelin 1975-05-18 Earl's Court, London - audience-incomplete EVSD Red Devil "No Quarter"

Led Zeppelin 1975-05-18 Earl's Court, London - audience "Journey Into The Forth Dimension" EVSD

Led Zeppelin 1975-05-18 Earl's Court, London - audience remaster by EVSD "The Black Dragon With The Blue Axe"

The Soup Nazi 08.16.2015 03:06 PM

William Parker Quartet - August 15, 2015 - SESC Pompeia - Sao Paulo, Brazil - aud with samples

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