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keep poppin pimples 01.29.2013 07:27 PM

Datta Phuge Spends $25,000 On Solid Gold Shirt

[IMG] mIHZ0cGhXXbPXd*EKMlel6*ot3YsUqPJUaWc5vwAeLtBJ2/article225720916C051E9000005DC734_634x424.jpg[/IMG]

Datta Phuge Spends $25,000 On Solid Gold Shirt

Phuge, a 32-year-old moneylender, recently hired a team of 15 goldsmiths to make the shiny shirt and they needed to work two weeks worth of 16-hour day shifts to get the gold threads just right.

The end result is a 22-karat gold shirt weighing more than 7 pounds and consisting of 14,000 gold flowerings, interwoven with one-lakh spangles, Oddity Central reported. The shirt was assembled on a fabric base of imported white velvet, and comes with six Swarovski crystal buttons and a gold belt.

To make it extra fancy — as if that’s possible — the gold guys also crafted matching cuffs and a set of rings from the leftover gold

“I know I am not the best looking man in the world, but surely no woman could fail to be dazzled by this shirt?”

floatingslowly 01.29.2013 07:33 PM


Rob Instigator 01.30.2013 09:01 AM

It doesn't get any more fly than this guy

Rob Instigator 02.01.2013 10:14 AM

How very deformed or malnourished must his genitals be that he has to craft a solid gold shirt to find a lady? Or maybe he is shy? ha!

gast30 02.01.2013 11:56 AM

wich such a mustache and haircut ???
you must give all that gold before someone goes to bed with you

gast30 02.01.2013 11:59 AM

who is going to have succes in his/her life
who will make it to the top

who will go over the clouds
who will have a car
who will have a hot sexpartner
who will have a romantic relation
who will have a luxurious house

Rob Instigator 02.01.2013 12:27 PM

His mustache is a glorious thing gast!

gast30 02.01.2013 12:44 PM

no, i understand why J. Edgard Hover didn't allow mustaches

gast30 02.01.2013 12:51 PM

if a woman likes to have her vagina liked by a big mustache
so let it be

if that is your happyness in life
have fun there

where ever you might be

Rob Instigator 02.01.2013 12:59 PM

In interest of dull disclosure, I have a mustache and beard tooooooo

gast30 02.01.2013 01:10 PM

you have to direct your beauty to the females, rob

the men are not intrested in bearded men (some do)

i'm only intrested in the coolest girl on the planet
where life inside is still bubeling
i know this planet is not really the most normal planet in the universe ( men with mustache and gold clothing anno 2013)

got to make the best of this planet visitation

gast30 02.01.2013 02:03 PM

forget this beards and mustaches

what is the gold
is the sun

if people put the sun back into their hearths
feels better then having gold ;)

!@#$%! 02.01.2013 02:12 PM

with a name like that i thought he'd be a computer hacker

Rob Instigator 02.01.2013 02:23 PM

He is the next best thing to Mr. T.

Gold will keep you solvent when the stock markets crash again. GOLD baby

gast30 02.01.2013 04:21 PM

you know when you leave this dimension
you leave without the gold

to feel safe on a material island isn't worth beeing born for

Rob Instigator 02.01.2013 04:56 PM

that is all true gast, but while we ARE on this material island, it is better to be able to buy food, shelter, and clothing than to not, right?

I think it was Joan Rivers (I may be wrong) who said
"you can never be too skinny or too rich. anyone who disagrees has never been really fat or really poor."

Diesel 02.01.2013 05:00 PM

Yea lets all be like Joan Rivers

gast30 02.01.2013 05:18 PM

all animals are capable of finding food water and shelter
you don't do this you leave the dimension in a few days

if a human get no food because it simply has no money
then that is murder by the kapitalistic system

wasn't it ghandi that said: 'poverty is the worst form of voilence'
datta who is also from india should know this

gast30 02.01.2013 05:20 PM

i signed online pettions to end child work/slavery in india
don't really know what to believe of these charities

does it really gonna end child labour ???
i hope so

can the people of india not take care of their medieval problems themselfs

Rob Instigator 02.01.2013 05:37 PM

not with medieval mentalities and caste systems.

gast30 02.01.2013 05:46 PM

yeah it is terrible there for the woman
not the only place on earth where woman are seen as inferiour

i don't understand this

people are born out of a woman and the only thing they do is disrepect and oppres woman ????

yeah, it is terrible there
i know crimes of female oppression
men with retarded ideologies

Rob Instigator 02.01.2013 05:52 PM

It is the end result of patriarchy taking over matriarchy.

For tens of thousands of years humans lived in matriarchy, understanding that life comes from women, life is nurtured by women etc.

Men got fed up with the women having that power, especially since they usually used it for purposes OTHER than getting rich and powerful
The original GOD was female of course.

How could a male deity birth the universe?

keep poppin pimples 02.01.2013 07:14 PM

guys not everybody in india is the same religion or believes the caste system(which exists in the usa)

you realize this gold guy is probably low caste as hell right?

floatingslowly 02.01.2013 07:30 PM


Rob Instigator 02.02.2013 05:09 PM

He has caste off his shackles.

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